Shocking video of a Chilean campaign against grooming

The 'grooming' is the name that is used to describe the practices of certain adults when they invent an identity to cheat minors, an activity that can end in sexual abuse. It is something very serious and, to fight against it, the Chilean police has released a video that has gone viral all over the world.

It was last April 22 when the Investigative Police of Chile launched the campaign and, with the aim of reaching it more strongly to its recipients, they published it through social networks like Facebook, where in one week it has achieved more than six millions of visits, and it is not for less. The video is as shocking as it is real, and deserves to be disseminated.

Harassment of minors through the Internet

In the video, we see an excited teen girl because he's going to have an appointment with a guy he's met through Facebook. "I love how it is, besides that we have plenty of things in common," the girl says as she describes her story and what she feels for the supposed boy: "He is special, he is not like my colleagues, he is more worried "

While waiting for her boy, however, she receives a message: she is late and sends her older brother for her, another young (this time adult) very nice and kind that takes her to where, in theory, the waiting for her friend, but he is not. It is not because it does not exist.

In this way, the protagonist discovers in a truly traumatic way that this person who has picked her up is really the one hiding behind the Facebook profile with which she had been speaking, and to whom I had sent him "sexy photos"The video ends by implying that the teenager has been the victim of some type of abuse.

All against Grooming

This initiative is based, as explained by the Chilean Police, in the progressive increase of this phenomenon worldwide, which is defined as "virtual sexual abuse", since the aggressor (grommer) uses the Internet to obtain images and videos of minors in improper attitudes, which can be distributed through the network or be used to force the victim to attend a real meeting.

To help in the fight against grooming, they have had the collaboration of Ausgusto Schuster, a Chilean actor and singer very popular among the youth of the country. He appears after the announcement with these words to reflect: "How many of your friends in social networks do you really know?" Grooming is not a game, it is an abuse. Remember that on the Internet your photo is not just yours, it belongs to everyone. "

"This could be your story", appears just at the end of the video, 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and it needs to be shared, especially among teenagers, who often do not realize the real dangers of social networks. Transmit it, and it helps to reflect on it.

PDI launches prevention campaign #todoscontraelgrooming Through a video that gives an account of the risks to which it is ...

Posted by Chile Investigations Police on Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Angela R. Bonachera

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