Five games to learn and practice the multiplication table online

The maths they are, at times, the subject that most works for children. Learning to add, multiply and divide is not always easy, and there are times when children have difficulty memorizing multiplication tables. Therefore, we bring you a selection of Five online games for your children to learn while having fun.

Because a lot has been talked about how important it is that children have fun and learn at the same time, as is done through the Smartick platform, which teaches mathematics in a very innovative way. But there are more methods. Just as there are games for the older ones to learn the periodic table, for the little ones there are also apps to learn while playing and games to keep the rules of spelling or the multiplication table. Here we select some.

Multiplication table games


In this game the little one must go passing screens that go up level and in which there are balls that bounce. As you progress and move from one multiplication table to another, the number of balls increases.

Catch the right one!

In this fun game, the child must solve the accounts that are posed (you can do additions and multiplications), selecting the animal that contains the correct answer. He'll have a pipe!


For this game, we go to a car wash. In order for the car to come out clean, the child must solve the multiplying operations that are proposed to him.

The adventures of Mr. PI

"Malasombra has kidnapped Bomi! We have to rescue her." This is the beginning of this fun game, in which your son will have to help Mr. PI to rescue his friend. For this, he must promote the ship with which he persecutes the "bad guy" of the game ... but, how? Well, very easy: answering the multiplication questions.

The mathematical tank

On this web page your child can study, practice and check if you know the multiplication tables from 2 to 9, choosing if you want to check "running" or "sautéed". To practice!

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Learn Multiplication Table of Five 5 x 1 = 5 5 Times Tables

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