Families will spend 225 million euros on Communion gifts

This year, do you have any First Communion in the family? This beautiful religious celebration also has a cost. In particular, it is estimated that Spanish families will spend this year on First Communion gifts more than 225 million euros, of which an important percentage, almost half (90 million), will be destined to the purchase of toys.

This was announced this week by the toy manufacturer CAYRO, which cites data from the Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI) and ensures that the celebration of the First Communion it can amount to an extra expense of more than 2,500 euros, depending on the area in which it is held.

First Communion expenses

According to data from this agency in 2012, the average cost of a First Communion it varied enormously between Autonomous Communities: for example, while in the Canary Islands a Communion could leave for around 1,300 euros, in Madrid the bill amounted to 2,800 euros.

As for the guests, the data provided by the company Cayro ensure that they spend an average of 300 euros per Communion. Of these, 30 percent (about 90 euros) is spent only on the purchase of gifts: technological equipment, toys, jewelry and clothing, mainly.

Toys for First Communion

Spending on toys is quite important when talking about the First Communion gifts. Therefore, from this company recommend looking for those that encourage creativity and family play, over others that end up "isolating" children.

Therefore, the ideal option to buy a toy on these dates seems to be to opt for the jclassic uguete. Cayro gives his own reasons: besides being more affordable, it provides "a plus of creativity and imagination that fathers and mothers value more and more when choosing".

In short, if this year you are going to buy a gift for a child who is preparing to celebrate the First Communion, it is best to opt for the gifts of a lifetime, which become a sure hit and, in addition, are very fashionable: there are many toys designed for children to investigate and do things for themselves (the so-called " Do it yourself, do it yourself (DIY) ").

Angela R. Bonachera

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