Book Day: guide and map for the Night of the Books of Madrid as a family

If you like reading, and you're in Madrid, you're in luck! Go ahead to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Night of the Books, a date to enjoy reading around the city while you take the opportunity to transmit its importance from parents to children.

Under the motto "10 years celebrating the book"Madrid dresses up to commemorate this important date for international reading, so the capital will be filled with authors, books, letters and, above all, readers who like to read.

Find out everything that is going to happen with this guide so you do not miss anything and this map where you have marked the main places where there are organized activities for families, and take the opportunity to get closer to a library, bookstore, cultural centers or museums, where activities of all kinds will also be organized and you will even find discounts for books. Take advantage of this day!

The Night of the Books in Madrid

Outdoor reading room

One of the novelties of this year is the Outdoor reading room, in the Plaza de Sánchez Bustillo (in front of the Reina Sofia Museum). The square becomes a space to sit and read, buy books, listen to stories and much more. For example, do not miss the children's stories planned for 6.30 pm.

Natal House Lope de Vega

Another magnificent plan for this day is to visit the Lope de Vega Birthplace (Cervantes Street, 11), where they will be offered, hourly and for a maximum of 10 people, dramatized visits with Alberto Gómez, Luna Paredes and Paco Huertas. Learn about the life and work of the writer in a unique enclave.

Birthplace of Cervantes

Families can also enjoy Storyteller "Tell me what I tell you" in the Birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes of Alcalá de Henares. It will narrate some chapters of Don Quixote full of adventures, heroes, villains, knights and squires. For children of six years.

In addition, until April 30 there is an exhibition that includes a selection of drawings made by Spanish and Latin American artists that served to illustrate the Quixote published in 2001.

More plans

But those are not the only plans. Click on the different places marked in the following interactive map and find out about all the activities planned for the whole family. Do you want more? There are also organized meetings for seniors with a myriad of topics; you will find them all in this link of the Night of the Books of Madrid.

Angela R. Bonachera

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