Telepediatrics revolutionizes child health care

The telepediatry is the provision of pediatric services at a distance, through a tool that serves to do so, either by telephone, videoconference or any system provided on the Internet. Precisely, with the arrival of new technologies in the healthcare sector, pediatric remote services have grown to the rise of new channels sponsored by ICTs and in accordance with the new needs of patients.

The reality of telepediatrics is that it begins to be increasingly demanded by parents, mothers and caregivers of children who need some health service, either in their own home, in the nursery or in children's centers. Telepediatry revolutionizes the world thanks to the fact that it offers the possibility of consulting a pediatrician at a distance, who solves doubts, something that is becoming more and more necessary in the daily life of many people, who see how they can receive medical attention in a fast way without have to move from the site.

Once received, you can assess whether the child or baby has to see another doctor in a hospital or can stay quiet after medical consultation, even taking into account something very important: a telephysics service never replaces the medical visit or to emergencies, since in that case you have to go to a hospital center.

Advantages of telepediatrics for parents

1. Time saving One of the main advantages of telepediatry is the saving of time. The fact of being able to save yourself an appointment, move, wait, etc., and be able to do a management when you need from where you are is a great advantage, along with the personalization capacity offered in the patient-doctor relationship.

2. Easy access. The father or mother with a baby (patient) can access the service in a much easier way, from their own smartphone, tablet or personal computer, and receive the exact service they need, from where they need it. Simply by accessing the Internet and without leaving the site, which will mean more quality care, being much more connected to health centers and pediatricians. What more could you want?

3. Immediate solutions. Today there are already nurseries and schools that use online platforms through which to get in touch with a pediatrician when a situation occurs that requires the rapid intervention of a health professional.

4. Medical professionalism The professionals who participate in these platforms are doctors and health professionals familiar with the new environments and the communication between doctor and patient transferred to new, less traditional tools. Pediatricians of different specialties, specialists in specific pathologies, nurses, neuropediatricians, child neuropsychologists, neonatologists, homeopaths, etc. are part of its staff.

There are also insurers that offer a pediatrician on the other side of the phone. And online platforms, more recent, that have created private secure systems to answer the questions of mothers and fathers from any part of the world, in any situation.

5. Simple consultations. In the platforms of telepediatry integral, to make the consultations is very simple. It only takes the creation of a profile on your platform, and the subsequent selection of a pediatrician within a broad medical field, with national geographic coverage and that also includes other specialists. Once selected, in addition to receiving a weekly follow-up and being able to access health tips for each week of the baby's life, online consultations can be made to a pediatrician through an asynchronous messaging system, as simple as sending a WhatsApp or a message on Facebook, but in a more secure and strictly designed to solve your doubts about the health of the baby.

Marisol New
Advice. Manuel Antonio Fernández.Pediatric neurologist of Qbaby medical staff

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