5 tips to encourage the crawling of the baby

Although it is known that the crawl It is essential for a correct growth of the baby, there are many parents who think that it is best for them to start walking as soon as possible, negatively affecting their development. The most reocmendable ee allow both crawling and crawling to settle, since they are the phases previous to the child's walk.

If these phases are correctly developed, when the child begins to stand up he will do so with more ease. If the baby does not crawl, it is not that brain organization is not achieved, but development will be delayed. To encourage the crawling of our little one, we can follow the following recommendations:

5 tips to invite your baby to crawl

1. Change your position. As of the third or fourth month of life, it is convenient that we change his position in the crib when he is awake and we can observe him near us. If we put it face down, you can feel its own weight and begin to test the strength of your hands and arms.

2. Give him his space. Find a place with clean, smooth and free of dangerous objects, where the baby can spend as many hours as possible (and at least one hour a day). Faced with such a scenario, the baby will begin to learn.

3. Do not force him to stand up, since not being prepared, we will create insecurity. It is best to start walking alone when the time comes. It is necessary that your brain is well organized enough to know how to support yourself with your feet. In addition, your muscles should be prepared to keep the body erect.

4. Avoid spending a lot of time in the park or playpen. It's okay to have it for a while, but keep in mind that this space closed the child tends to stand up, so it does not develop crawling. Therefore, we must ensure that our son has a large space. What you need are new stimuli that you will only find if you can move freely on the ground.

5. Use a ball to encourage the baby to crawl, is very efficient, since the tracking of a moving object is beneficial to develop the convergence of the eyes.

Teresa Pereda

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