4 tips for the newborn's sleep

If your little one has changed sleep patterns and is awake at night and sleeps during the day, something must be done. Perhaps with small routines you can straighten out for your good and that of the rest of the family your sleep cycle: always sleep at the same time, establish routines so that you relate the moment of sleep, do not avoid the noises of each day ... They can help your baby to differentiate day from night.

4 tips for the newborn's sleep routine

1. Identify if you suffer from insomnia

First of all, do not let yourself be carried away by restlessness. Most cases of children with changed sleep end up disappearing on their own and do not require taking any action. Keep in mind that the baby needs to get used to the new environment around him. He no longer receives the food in the same way, his world has completely changed, the sounds are totally different and strange, and he is even forced to adapt to the cycles of light and darkness that previously did not exist for him.

We must consider that there is a sleep disorder when our child wakes up practically every day, three and four times a night. In addition, you have to give the circumstance that you will stay awake for more than 20 minutes and be unable to go back to sleep without help. These kinds of situations are usually caused by some physical disorder that prevents the baby from falling asleep.

If our child is gritting his teeth, is sick, itchy or goes too hot because we wrap him up too much, he will most likely not be able to sleep.
To avoid this, we must find out as soon as possible what is the problem that bothers the baby so much. For this, we will have to pay attention to the signs that manifest themselves.

2. Create a suitable scenario for the situation

Teaching him to fall asleep can become a challenge that we can only overcome if we arm ourselves with infinite patience and tenderness. In order for the baby to acquire good nocturnal habits, he will have to begin to identify a series of messages: lack of movement at home, darkness, silence ... To the extent that the meaning of each situation will adapt to the family routine.

3. Establishes some habits noturnos

If before sleep we always keep the same guidelines, or what is the same, we transform the moment of sleep into a real ritual, the baby will begin to understand and respect the schedules. It is necessary to accustom him that after the bath comes dinner; after them, the nana, and finally, the time to sleep.

Most newborns are unable to sleep through the night. Precisely for this reason, we must give our son the opportunity to return to sleep without any help. Only in case you do not calm down we will have to accompany you for a while. Talking to her in a low voice, stroking her head or holding out her hand to hold our fingers are some tricks that can help you feel more secure. In any case, you should avoid getting out of the crib. If you get used to it, you will be unable to get used to falling asleep on your own.

4. Ask an expert for help

If despite all our efforts the "ritual" has no effect, we will have to consult with the pediatrician about the possible solutions or, even, the convenience of subjecting the baby to an exhaustive examination. In any case, modifying your nocturnal habits will require some time, perseverance and a lot of dedication.

Teresa Pereda

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