The ritual of baptism: this will be the baptism of your baby

The baby christening It is a Christian celebration that has certain characteristics of its own and, above all, your ritual. As there are certain basic aspects to organize a baptism taking into account from the budget until the election of the godparents, if you want to baptize your child do not miss detail of how will the celebration in the Church.

According to Christian tradition, at birth babies have the original sin inherited from Adam. Therefore, with baptism Catholics manage to "erase original sin" and obtain "faith and the divine life, making us children of God", as they explain in the Aciprensa religion website.

Thus, the baptism It is the sacrament by which Christians "are reborn to life and are children of God." The tradition marks that it must be the first of the sacraments that Catholics receive, and this is, as the same sources explain, because "it is the door that opens the access to others".

The ritual of baptism

Baptism, as a religious celebration, is celebrated when one is in the Church, and has a very marked ritual. The most important moment of baptism is when the bishop, priest or deacon Pour blessed water over the child's head. At this time, the words are always the same: "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."

But before this happens other events have developed:

Arrival: The first rite of Baptism is the welcome to the parents and godparents by the priest. At this time there is a dialogue in which the parents say what the baby's name is and confirm that they want him to be baptized. The priest then asks the sponsors if they are willing to help the parents to educate the baby in the faith, and these confirm it.

Sentence: After this, the next step is reading the Bible and the homily (the priest's talk in which he comments on what the Scriptures mean). Then comes the moment of prayer: a family member or friend reads some phrases asking the Church for all the children and, especially, for the one who is baptized that day and his family.

Exorcism Prayer: After this, the priest reads a prayer that asks to rid the child "of the dominion of Satan, spirit of evil."

Blessing of water: now it is when the baptismal font with the water with which the baby will be baptized comes into "scene". Then the person who is officiating the Sacrament blesses water as a source of life.

Resignations: once the water is blessed, the parents and godparents, in the name of the child who is still a baby, renounce sin and confirm to process the faith of Christ, after which the moment of baptism arrives.

Baptism: parents, godparents, baby and priest approach the baptismal font and the priest pours water three times on the child's head with the words "I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit".

Anointing with the ChrismAfter baptizing the child, the priest anoints him in the crown with the Chrism, which is an oil mixed with balsam consecrated by the bishop on Holy Thursday, with which all the persons of the bishopric are baptized.

Imposition of the white garment: Afterwards, the priest imposes a white garment on the child, as a symbol of the innocence that Baptism has given back to the child. Precisely for this reason the children are dressed in white to the celebration.

Delivery of the candle: next to the baptismal font is the so-called Paschal candle, which recalls the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From this candle the father or godfather lights a candle as a symbol that they must increase the child's light so that he always walks "like a child of light".

Conclusion: as the end of the celebration, all together pray the Our Father and the priest blesses those present.

Angela R. Bonachera

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