More and more children are unable to communicate

Do you have children of five years? Are they able to communicate correctly? According to a recent study, there is a worrying increase in children starting school in the UK being unable to communicate with simple phrases or even do not know how to control their behavior and adapt to the rules.

According to an analysis of the British foundation The Early Intervention, a fifth of the children studied had deficiencies in their personal, social and emotional development according to what would be expected with five years. Also, a quarter of the children were not able to communicate at a level appropriate to their age.

Study on children in the United Kingdom

To carry out the study, results of the profiles of the students have been analyzed at the end of their first year of schooling. For this, part of the basis that, with five years, a personal and social development occurs when the child is able to handle their feelings and thoughts, shows confidence in trying new things and can speak in a family group, among other things.

Among the expectations about communication in children of five years, the report, collected by the British public broadcaster BBC, ensures that Children should be able to listen carefully, express themselves effectively and follow instructions.

Communication and behavior problems

According to the study, those children who are not ready to go to school usually have more problems to have relationships with other partners, as well as difficulties to play cooperatively and take turns with other children.

These children, who are not used to the dynamics of the classes, usually haver difficulties in following the rules established or to adjust their behavior to the different situations that occur in the day to day of the classroom, which usually leads to bad behavior.

Also children who have not been schooled can not be able to express themselves correctly, especially having problems when conjugating verbs, according to the report as an example. Another of the most typical problems that have been found is that children have difficulties even to talk about their own experiences and find it difficult to answer questions.

But not only that, the report has also found differences in both behavior and emotional health among children with more or less economic facilities. Some differences that begin around three years and remain until almost entered into adolescence, according to the text.

Emotional intelligence, key in life

"Too many children reach their first day in elementary school and lack the wide range of skills they need to reach their full potential ", explained the director of the Foundation that made the report, Carey Oppenheim, to the BBC.

According to warning, this lack of social and communication skills when entering school "can have detrimental consequences that can last a lifetime", because it ensures that children with social, emotional and communication skills developed in childhood "have better opportunities to get a good job and have a healthy life that those who are simply intelligent. "

For all this, he has called for education in the emotional and social development is so important in schools like learning to read or mathematics, something the British Government says it has already committed to, among other measures, the increase in spending on education.

Angela R. Bonachera

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