María turns 20, new comic on autism

Know what it is autism? Would you be able to explain it to your children? Maybe now it costs you less thanks to this new comic, "María turns 20 years old ", written by Miguel Gallardo with the collaboration of the Orange Foundation with the objective of sensitize the population about autism disorders.

Miguel Gallardo already published in 2007 another graphic novel of the same theme: "Maria and I". In it, he narrates the holidays with his daughter María, who has a disorder autistic. It was such a success of the book to explain how the family lives with an autistic daughter that in 2010 she made a documentary inspired by her story, and now she brings out the second part.

María turns 20

For this new book, the author retakes the narration of the relationship with his daughter years after the publication of the first book. Now, the novel tells the story of María, who lives in the Canary Islands, three hours by plane from Barcelona, ​​where her father lives.

They no longer go on holiday to a resort (as in the first book) because, as Gallardo says, "we have grown weary of the Guiris, now we spend the summer in Barcelona and the Costa Brava, we still laugh a lot, we make lists and we listen to the music played by María. "

So, what does this story tell? Things have changed a lot in the seven and a half years that have passed, and that is what this new comic is about: "Maria has grown, and a lot, some things have changed, but others remain the same, of all those things and the future this book talks about", advances the author, father of the protagonist.

"Maria has TORCH (autistic spectrum disorder) and still has a contagious smile and a special sense of humor ", are his words: those of a father in love with his daughter, regardless of whether he has an illness or not: the only thing that counts is how important she is Is it in your life Do you dare to embark on reading your story?

Autism in children

The autism in children is a developmental disorder that is characterized by an alteration in the ability to communicate, by difficulties in social relationships and by showing a pattern of repetitive and stereotyped behavior.

Worldwide, from 3 to 6 of every 1,000 children have autism, a disorder that affects men more than women. With regard to children, these are neuropsychiatric disorders with a wide variety of clinical alterations that affect patients in different ways.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Reducing Sensory Problems in Children with Autism

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