Ford presents the new Galaxy

The American company Ford has presented the new Galaxy, model that incorporates an updated design, a large interior space and news in terms of technological equipment, in addition to a capacity for seven passengers.

The new Galaxy has the improvement in passenger comfort of the front seats with Ford Multi-Contour seats with massage function. For rear-seat passengers, the integral rear suspension allows a quieter and smoother ride.

Flexible for family life

The new Galaxy makes it easier than ever to maximize space for passengers and luggage. A control panel located in the rear cargo compartment allows the Second and third rows of seats fold with just a push of a button. For the first time in the segment, the same panel allows the third row of seats to be automatically displayed.

The loading zone Flat makes it easier to load bulky bulks and the ability to slide and recline the seats of the second and third row individually. Under the floor of trunk, the new charging system offers a hidden storage area of ​​20 liters that also allows loading of longer objects.

In addition, parents will know how to value the inclusion of a children's surveillance mirror standard, positioned to offer a wide viewing angle of passenger seats.
Ford Multi-Contour seats with massage function have been designed to reduce muscle fatigue, particularly during longer trips. Developed with the help of medical advisors, these seats of 8 positions with electronic adjustment also incorporate air conditioning.

Smart technologies that make things easier

Drivers are supported by systems that monitor speed limits, pedestrians and other vehicles to help them focus on driving.

In addition, it has the system of Front lighting Adaptive Ford, which adjusts the angle of the beam of light to the driving environment and can avoid dazzling other drivers with a function of long lights that do not dazzle.

Other driver assistance technologies available with the new S-MAX include the System of Detection of Dead Angles (BLIS), Traffic Sign Recognition System, Lane Maintenance Alert, Lane Change Assistant and Driver Alert (Diver Alert).

The Ford SYNC 2 system with voice control allows drivers to use the telephone, entertainment system, climate control and navigation systems through simple voice commands. SYNC 2 also includes Emergency Assistance, which directly connects the occupants with local emergency operators after an accident in the language of the region.

The Galaxy will allow parents to easily open the tailgate for the first time even if they are loaded, thanks to the system Open Hands Free Door that allows to open or close it with a movement of the foot under the rear bumper.

Finally, this vehicle offers a wide mechanical offer formed by TDCi diesel and EcoBoost gasoline versions. In diesel, the car incorporates thrusters of 120, 150, 180 and 210 horses, while in gasoline it will have an option of 160 and another of 240 horses.

Francisco del Brío. Newsmotor

Ford Galaxy datasheet

Engine: Gasoline EcoBoost 1.5 of 160 CV and 2.0 of 240 CV. Diesel TDCi 2.0 of 120 and 180 HP and 2.0 biturbo of 210 HP.

Transmission: Six-speed manual transmission and automatic six-speed Powershift and all-wheel drive.

Suspension: Front McPherson and rear of deformable parallelogram.

Brakes: Disks, the ventilated forwards.

Address: Zipper and electric assistance.

Long wide high: 4.84 / 1.91 / 1.74 meters.

Capacities: Trunk 700 / 2,339 liters. Deposit, 70 liters.

Prices: From € 36,100.

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