How to explain Holy Week to children

The liturgical celebrations and the processions that cross the streets these days are a good time to talk to our children about important issues. Whether we are believers or not, whether we are educating our children or not in the faith, the truth is that Easter It challenges the little ones who are not oblivious to the reality of the celebration of this time of the liturgy, which is crucial for the Christian.

Whether it is because they see the processions on the streets, because through television they have the images of the Passion in front of them, it is common for children to raise questions about faith, life and death at this time. And we have to know How to explain Holy Week to children and answer your questions and curiosities.

An opportunity for non-believing parents

For unbelieving parents, Holy Week will be an opportunity to explain to the little ones that there are people who believe in the existence of God. We will foster in them a tolerant and dialoguing spirit that facilitates their insertion in society. At the same time, we must not ignore the culture of intricate Christian roots in which we live and we will explain some passages of the New Testament that will be essential to understand, tomorrow, subjects as important as History or Art.

A fundamental moment for believing parents

Regarding the believing parents, Holy Week is a fundamental moment to speak to our children about the deep meaning of the mysteries of faith. These are days in which the children can be explained how the contemporaries of Jesus did not understand their message and that is why they wanted to kill him. And from there, we explained to them that their kingdom was not of this world.

The rich variety of Spanish imagery has very real representations of some scenes of the Passion that lead children to wonder about pain. It is fundamental that, together with the fact of suffering that we must not avoid, let us explain the importance of redemption and make it clear that the important thing is that it was resurrected. For a small child, with a very open mind, it is easy to think that you can return to life from death or that you can live eternally in heaven because they do not start from other known data.

When we are asked about the pain, we can help them understand what the love of God means. Christ, on the cross, rests from his wounds in the same way that they cuddle in the arms of the parents when they have fallen and scratched their knees. It will also be the right time to address the question of mercy and forgiveness since the ultimate meaning of the Resurrection is none other than inviting us all to heaven.

Books that can serve us:
- In Lent, God loves us for the great feast of Easter
- Via Crucis
- The Mass of the children
- My first Bible

María Solano

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