Leer.es, the website for children to love reading

How beautiful it is to read! And, if you start from young people and children they take a liking to reading, more still. In this work it is essential that both the family and the school go to one to get our children to love reading. That's why it was created the web page leer.es, of the Ministry of Education, which aims to be a tool for teachers, but also for parents.

The Virtual Center leer.es is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport with the National Center for Innovation and Educational Research, which is a great help for teachers, but also for parents who want their children to read.

Read, door to knowledge

As they explain on the website itself, reading is our basic tool for knowledge and learning. And it is that all the competences of the educational curriculums have their base precisely in the reading: we read mathematics and natural sciences, and we also read music, literature and cinema.

Further, every time we read more and in more innovative formats, because reading is also the basic tool in the digital age, acquiring "a new dimension", in the words of the promoters of this interesting web page. All this makes this Virtual Center an interesting tool for both teachers and parents.

In principle, most of the resources are oriented to teachers, who can find on this web page a multitude of tools to encourage reading between students of all educational stages and from the different areas and subjects taught in the classrooms, especially through new technologies.

But not only that, this virtual center is also designed for families, with tips to help in questions and doubts very typical of parents: how to act at the beginning of reading, what our children have to learn to be competent readers on the web, how to act when they have difficulties in learning to read, and so on.

As the major objective of this platform is read, write and listen better (large and small), this initiative also aspires to become a learning community where some learn from others. That is why they are in social networks, where they ask teachers and dads to give their opinion and tell their experiences in that exciting adventure of teaching children to love reading, now also through the internet.

Reasons to visit leer.es

The truth is that this virtual platform seems a very useful and interesting tool for all those interested in children learn to read and, more importantly, end up loving reading and all the adventures that can be lived through it. To summarize everything the page summarizes, they themselves have prepared a short list with the reasons to visit leer.es. We leave you here:

1. Listen to the best experts from your favorite chair.

2. Discover ideas to share with your children the adventure of reading.

3. Be aware of what is happening in international forums, even if you do not travel.

4. Research using excellent materials, varied and well classified.

5. Find those resources with which you always dreamed, interactive, interdisciplinary, alive.

6.Recorrer libraries of the 21st century and enjoy with their multimedia proposals.

7. Stay on time of the calls that could give diffusion to your work or they can help you in it.

8. Access specialized reports without having to dive until you lose your breath.

9. Networking everything that happens in the educational world.

What do you think? Browse through its website and discover everything it offers, with the guarantee of being resources covered by the Ministry of Education. And everyone to read!

Angela R. Bonachera

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