Peugeot 3008 Crossway: adventurous spirit and great modularity

The French brand Peugeot starts the commercialization ofPeugeot 3008 Crossway, special series made on top finishing level, Allure, which wins inequipment and in image and customization options in this update of your crossover. Robust and dynamic, always elegant with its reworked style, the new crossover 3008 proposes adriving experience only.

The crossover 3008 adopts the new stylistic codes of the brand. Its chrome grille reinforces theelegance of its design, while its precise and expressive lines affirm itsrobust character and contemporary.

At the wheel of crossover 3008, the driver discovers the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit driving position and can enjoy its ergonomics. Besides, hishigh driving position It allows to dominate the road and enjoy a dynamic driving. The cabin has exclusive finishes: design grip, center console inclined and lacquered in black and chrome aerators.

Therear view camera It is automatically activated when reversing, allowing the driver to make and visualize his maneuver on a screen for greater safety and for a help parking

The Peugeot 3008 Crossway isavailable in four versions, all of them already adapted to the demandingEuro6 anti-pollution regulations and that incorporate the latest Peugeot technology: in gasoline with the version 1.2L PureTech 130 S & S recently incorporated into the 3008; in diesel, with the 1.6L BlueHDi 120 (with manual and automatic gearbox with torque converter EAT6) and 2.0L BlueHDi 150. The Peugeot 3008 Crossway registersconsumptions from 4.1 l / 100 km andemissions from 108 g / km of CO2.

Spacious trunk and modular seats

Thanks to yourgreat modularity, the 3008 adapts to all configurations. itsfolding rear bench 2/3 - 1/3 is very easy to use. With a single movement, theseats fold and thebacks are down with the levers that are in the trunk or on the top of the backrest. Placing on the front passenger seat tray allows extend the load length at 2.62 m.

In addition, 3008 has aspacious and intelligent trunk, to be able to load it as you want. Depending on the 3 proposed load positions, the usable volume can vary from 512 l (432 dm3 in VDA standard) under the tray to 1604 l (1241 dm3 in VDA standard).


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