Five ideal portable mattresses and baby changing tables

There are many types of baby changers, and one of them are the portable that allow you to put them wherever you want in the house and even take them when you go on a trip with your little one. For its usefulness, we select five portable changers and changing mat mattresses that are great for their value for money, do not miss them !.

Take care that your little one is comfortable while you change the diaper without hurting your pocket. After following these tips before getting a baby changer and having heard about all the types there are, now play choose the best. Check out this selection of changing mattresses and portable changing tables.

Cheap changers for the baby

Changing mat Bébé-Jou

Amazon users give five of five stars to this changing mattress. It is worth less than 30 euros, it is wide and made of ventilated foam that recovers its shape after being used. It also has raised sides to keep the baby in the middle and has safety certificates

Summertown travel changer

This travel changer is very useful for vacations and excursions with the baby. When it is rolled up it takes up very little space, and also has large pockets ideal for carrying diapers and wipes. It can be attached to the stroller to take it more comfortably and san only costs 15 euros.

Mattress for changer in Pali bathtub

Washable, soft and durable, so is this nice mattress to put on the bathtub and turn it into a changing mat. It costs only 24 euros and is made of soft sponge, with the cover in non-toxic plastic.

Baby Comfort portable changing table

This changer is composed of a solid plastic platform. It can be placed on smooth surfaces or on the crib thanks to an anchoring system to ensure the safety of the child. It constitutes a new generation of changers that wants to bring the perfect solution if you do not have much room in the room. Its price is around 80 euros.

Changing mattress of Petit Chat

For less than 20 euros you can find this comfortable and soft mattress to change the baby. Soft and light, it is ideal to transport and very easy to wash. Its ergonomic shape will make your baby comfortable while you change the diaper or dress him after the shower.

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