Tips before buying a baby changing mat

The large number of different products that exist for babies they force us to be very alert not to make mistakes and regret later. If you are thinking about getting a Changer for your little one, the best thing is that you attendthese tips to be sure that you are correct in your choice before buying it and having it at home.

Like it is necessary to take into account certain considerations before buying a crib or a mattress, and also with strollers and high chairs to eat, the world of baby changers is also broad, and it is necessary not to forget certain aspects before buying one, as well as to find out about all the types of exchangers that there are.

The keys of the baby changing table

As experts explain the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, changing the diaper is not just a time of hygiene, but the baby feels more pampered and cared for by their parents, so it is an action that must be done safely. Therefore, it is necessary not to forget how this piece of furniture should be.

-Security: The exchanger must comply with the safety regulations established by law, which means that it must be approved. Keep this in mind when you go to buy a changing table and do it alone in places that give you confidence. Among the main safety measures, experts remember that we must prevent the child from rolling and falling or pinching fingers with holes or covers of the changer.

-Stability: maybe you use the changer for about three years, so look carefully at its resistance and stability to avoid risks. The changer should have a surface that is not too soft at first (so it does not deform) or too hard (it will be uncomfortable for the baby).

-Shape: Experts recommend that the changer have slightly raised sides to protect the baby from possible sudden movements that can make him topple over. Even so, it is not necessary that they be too high, because they will hinder the work of the parents.

-Wheels: In case the changer that interests you most has wheels, make sure they have a brake to prevent slipping.

-Height: Not all dads and mothers are of the same height. Although most of us have relatively similar measures, do not forget it (especially if you are very short or taller than average). The height of the changing mat should be adequate for parents to access the baby comfortably.

-Accessories: all this depends on the space you have at home, but if you have enough, you can get a changer that has other compartments to put necessary accessories (like diapers, for example) and avoid displacement once you have to change the baby .

-Size: look closely at the size. There are changing tables that are quite large furniture, while others are just the mattress to change the baby. This is important depending on the space you have at home and other furniture you have for the baby.

Of course, do not forget to keep yourself safe when you're at home: prevents the baby from being left alone on the changing table, because with some movement could fall to the ground, with the danger that this represents.

To conclude, the last recommendation is to buy the changer with a head: the truth is that it is one of those furniture that can be dispensed with if you do not have much space, and it is also useful for a relatively short time, so keep this in mind. account before doing an expense that, perhaps, you do not need. A way to save if we want this kind of furniture for our baby is to buy multifunctional type, that is, that later is transformed into another piece of furniture, so we will give more use.

Angela R. Bonachera


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