A day of fishing with dad

The Father's day is about to come. Have you already thought about what to give her? A good idea to celebrate the Father's day in family and with the children is to spend a day fishing with dad. Fishing is a very comforting activity, quiet and relaxed that invites conversation to strengthen ties between parents and children. And nothing better than to coincide a great fishing day with Father's Day.

It is always difficult to choose a gift that Dad likes very much, and also, that you can enjoy it together and as a family. How about patience? Do you like animals? And the water? Knots, baits, fish ... do you know what we are talking about? That is, fishing. An ideal plan to celebrate Father's Day so special in family.

Fishing, and more specifically, fishing without death, is an activity that both children and adults can enjoy. Through this practice, we will learn to care for and respect the natural and marine environment, and we will learn more about the different types of fishing, the assembly of the rod, the launching, the fishing without death and the harvesting of the cane.

The benefits of fishing without death for children

1. Encourages contact with nature and personal development.

2. Take advantage of the therapeutic qualities of contact with animals and the sea to enhance qualities such as patience, concentration and perseverance.

All this by transmitting love and respect for nature and fauna, emphasizing the importance of the sustainability of the marine environment. And what is more important, you will spend a fun family day.

Tips to go fishing with children

Before going fishing with children, it is convenient to think about the material so they can handle it without risk.

1. The fishing rod. Make sure that the fishing rod is light weight to facilitate its operation. It is convenient to explain to the children previously the parts of a cane: the rings, the handle, etc., and the function of each one. There are different types of fishing rods among which you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

2. The hook. For the hook, choose corn or olives stuffed with anchovies, rather than live worms, which will surely appeal to children more. And do not forget to bring corks, something very important if you want to awaken the interest of children for fishing. The corks are used to see whena fish "has bitten", since you will notice that it sinks easily.

During this special day you can take the opportunity to explain to children the importance of fishing, the benefits of fish for health, why they should be catch fish adults and not offspring, and why we return to throw the fish to the sea, the river or the lake when they have taken the bait. And also, we recommend you to prepare some games or activities to entertain the children while we wait for the fish to approach our rod.

Silvia Tellechea. Director of Hagoos

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