10 original gifts for Father's Day


As every year, on March 19, San José, brings with it father's Day. Perfect opportunity to enjoy family plans at home and in the communities where it is a party, it is also a good time to give the dad of the house something original and that he likes and boasts of it.We facilitate the task with this small selection of gifts for all tastes.

We have already seen that a good surprise can be given with music but, if you want give something original, Do not miss this selection of gifts and crafts that you still have time to do for the dad of the house. From technological gifts to more fashionable, going through original artisan pieces, There are many different options.

Still, do not forget the main rule before making any gift: empathy. Think carefully about what you would like to receive him, the things that you like, that would make you want, and not only what you want for him. Remember that it is your day!

Gifts for Father's Day

Giving dad to celebrate Father's Day is a great opportunity to express the love and love you have for him and how much you value him being there by your side and how much he cares about you. Telling him that you love him is the best gift you can give your dad.

To make the choice easier for you, we have selected 10 original gifts for Father's Day. Some of them, it is possible, they can give you some clue for another more personalized or more according to the tastes of your father.


If the dad in the house likes to read, it is very possible that you consider giving him a book, but why not give him thousands? E-books are a fantastic option for book eaters and, in addition, they are very light, so they can be taken to many places more conveniently. Even the most traditional ones have ended up 'succumbing' to their charms! There are many different types and sizes with very affordable prices.

Custom blanket

To congratulate the parents, what is more fashionable are the custom gifts. This idea, for example, is very original: blankets for the sofa or bed personalized with the photos you want. There are different sizes and prices and are usually ordered online. He will love it!

Family photos

What better than to congratulate Father's Day to celebrate the joy of being in family? You can take advantage and print beautiful family photos that are "forgotten" on your PC or mobile. You can take them out with magnet for the refrigerator from home, or in a beautiful frame to put it at work and show off cute children. A simple and emotional gift.

Blue gift from Unicef

What if you take advantage of the gift for Father's Day and invest it in something solidary? There are a lot of different initiatives to sign up to, such as the Unicef ​​Blue Gift, which consists of buying something from children who need it most with the Unicef ​​guarantee and, in exchange, to be able to irrigate it with a fun card to anyone you want. It is not a good idea?

Father's Day Crafts

An original, unique and very special gift can be any that is made with Crafts. Get your children to design a fun, funny or, if you prefer, useful, or all at once! The crafts will depend on the age of the children, but there are hundreds of different options, from signs to put them in the car until, why not, decorations of cups with permanent markers or nail lacquers, for example. Let creativity flow!


Football, theater, a musical, a concert ... Give him some tickets For the party that wants to see, a theater that gives you an illusion or an impressive musical will be a sure bet if you adapt it to what you like. And it can also be a family or couple plan!

Gin tonic

The fashionable drink can also be a good option to give on Father's Day. Many parents love gin-tonics, and the many varieties that exist make it a great gift. You can buy a pack already prepared (there are different types and prices) or make your own: get your favorite gin, a special tonic and different dressings. A gift to show off with friends!


Why not a getaway? Both as a couple and in family, many times the routine can with our lives, so take advantage of a date like Father's day It can be a good option to give away getaways to relax and forget the day-to-day problems. Book a hotel for a weekend at the beach or the mountain, go and visit the family or give them one of those experiences chests for him to book the hotel and the experience he wants. Sure you're right


One of those things that never come badly if you are an athlete or if you are not a good sneaker: although you have, these should not be used for a long time because they can affect the footprint and the dad gets hurt. Having new ones is also a good incentive to use them: both to go out for a jog or to take a trip with the family. Long live a healthy life!

Portable charger for mobile

The Smartphone is part of the day to day for years, but its battery often can not stand the long days of work. If the dad in the house suffers from this problem, you can opt for a simple but useful gift: a portable charger. They are usually very cheap and take up little space, so they are very profitable.

Angela R. Bonachera

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