March 19: plans for Father's Day

Next ThursdayMarch, 19 It is celebrated in Spain Saint Joseph, that is, Father's Day. A perfect option to remind our parents how much we love them and how important they are in our lives, but also a perfect opportunity to give them gifts and enjoy great plans as a family.

We propose a family plan to travel as a family and celebrate as you deserve this special day.

Father's Day in the Valencian Community

Father's Day in Valencia coincides with the most famous Fallas Valencianas. What better plan than this typical party with which you receive the Spring? Enjoy in family this maximum exponent of the union of tradition, satire, art and feeling for the earth. And all this, accompanied by fireworks that will leave you breathless. If you prefer another kind of plans, do not worry: Valencia offers a multitude of different options.

Celebrate San José in Madrid

Madrid offers a multitude of plans, many of them free and for children. For Father's Day, why do not you take the opportunity to do the Route of the Cocido Madrileño? It ends at the end of the month, so this holiday seems like the perfect excuse to do it and, in passing, teach your children the typical gastronomy of Madrid.

Father's Day in Murcia

Taking advantage of the fact that it is a holiday in the Region of Murcia, how about a walk in one of its corners? This Autonomous Community is rich in beauty and history, and so you will see if you go into the Regional Park of the Salinas and Arenales of San Pedro del Pinatar, if you go to Lorca, Cartagena, Águilas, Alhama de Murcia or Caravaca de la Cruz. But there are many more, what are you waiting for ?.

Navarre for Father's Day

Pamplona will celebrate the Bridge of San José with Guided tours of the oldest burgh and fortifications of the capital from the hand of professionals. Whether you live in the city or if you are from outside, do not miss the opportunity to delve into the history of this impressive city. It costs only four euros per person, with children up to 10 years free.

San José in the Basque Country

The fishing villages of the Basque Country are another ideal recommendation to celebrate Father's Day, taking advantage of the fact that it is a holiday in this Autonomous Community. The magical islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, for example, is one of the Impressive spots for adults and children of the Basque coast.

An incredible place located halfway between Bakio and Bemeo that catches all who visit it. Climb up its staircase and put your feet on what, they say, is the mark that San Juan Bautista left there. It will bring you good luck!

Choose the option you choose, just make sure of one thing: have a great time. Father's Day is once a year, and it deserves to be celebrated in style. If you stay at home, do not worry, there are also countless things that can be done without leaving the city. Take the opportunity to smile a lot and everything else will come alone!

Angela R. Bonachera

More information in the book: Father's heart, of Osvaldo Poli.
If you want to read the first chapter, press here.

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