New App for breastfeeding

If during pregnancy there are many doubts that arise to moms, especially first-time mothers, breastfeeding was not going to be less. New technologies are a great help for this: from Internet consultations to a multitude of mobile Apps that give us useful advice and information. If you have doubts about which can be more reliable, it is now clear: the Spanish Pediatric Association has launched its own.

There are many different Apps that offer invaluable information but, speaking in terms of breastfeeding and, most importantly, the health of the baby and the mother herself, it is best to make sure that the information is true so as not to fall into false myths.

New application for moms and professionals

A quick and easy access to practical, up-to-date and concise information is what this new mobile application, launched by the Breastfeeding Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association, offers. 'Breastfeeding AEP'. Valid both for dads and mothers with doubts (or without them) and for health professionals, the 'app' is now available for iOS and Android.

The organization of this application is very simple and intuitive through its six different sections. In the call "Lactation by stages", you can consult the general recommendations of the Breastfeeding Committee of the AEP, classified according to the different stages of the baby.

You can also access other sections such as "Breastfeeding Techniques", which has visual support in images to make it easier to understand the information, or find answers to the most frequent problems of mothers when breastfeeding.

But not only that, this tool also gives the opportunity to customize each access session, choosing between three profiles: parents, professionals or support groups. In this way, users receive specific information according to their interests, which is also constantly updated.

False myths about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the subject of many false myths, and therefore this application also has a section devoted entirely to them. The objective is clear: breaking with the barriers of some mothers for their initiation and maintenance in breastfeeding.

This is explained by Dr. Marta Díaz, member of this committee, who says that the application seeks to "facilitate access to reliable and quality information on breastfeeding and thus eliminate false beliefs that promote negative attitudes towards this form of feeding "

"I wish I had met her before"

Since its launch, many families have already downloaded the application. The success it is due, according to the association, that it is a very comfortable, dynamic consulting tool and, most importantly, with useful and updated information.

In this sense, the comments of the first users seem to be very happy: "I wish I had met her before", says a mother who says she had to face the "first bump" of breastfeeding "without knowing what happened" but now has the help of the application. Some users comment, though, that sometimes the information is too short. Try it and tell us what you think!

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: New breastfeeding app allows mothers to find areas to pump

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