Five cheap high chairs for your baby

You ready Preparing you to buy the best highchair for your baby? Time flies by and, when you realize it, you already have it eating with the rest of the family. The high chairs are the best for this, so they become an almost essential object when we have a baby at home and when we want to go out with him. After having followed the instructions before buying a high chair and having learned about the types, it is time to look at the price.

The Price is an important factor when buying any object, and more when we talk about everything that babies need. Luckily, in the case of high chairs are much cheaper than other furniture of everyday life, such as cribs, and allow us to look at the qualities to find those that meet the best value for money. Here are some of them.

High chairs at a good price

Infantastic highchair

The first of our selection is this beautiful height adjustable Infantastic trona that costs just 50 euros. The tray is removable, which makes it more comfortable and hygienic, has its padded seat and includes a large basket for toys, among other features. It is designed for children between six months and three years and folds easily.

Chicco high chair

The Pocket Lunch model is the most compact of Chicco. It costs about 60 euros and comes equipped with adjustable tray and a wide basket, the seat can be disassembled and, most importantly, wash without problem. When folded in a simple way, it is also very comfortable to take on vacation. In addition, its back rests in three positions.

TecTake high chair

Another trona with very good value for money is this from TecTake. Its price is around 55 euros, and is designed for children between six months and three years. The seat has a padded and washable cover, and the model also includes a practical basket. Simple and very practical thanks to its easy folding.

Safety First Highchair

This beautiful beechwood high chair is big and very strong. It can be regulated to the growth of the child from six months to 10 years and his harness has three points for a secure hold. Its price is about 60 euros and those who have already used it are very satisfied thanks to its robustness, the removable tray and the simplicity of assembly, among other things.

Trona de Tiggo

For 40 euros it sells this beautiful Tiggo highchair designed for children between six months and 10 years. Built in wood, this fixed-type high chair is mounted very simply and adapts to the child's growth. Its removable tray gives a plus of hygiene, and includes cushions so that the small one is comfortable at the same time safe.

Angela R. Bonachera

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