Tips for buying high chairs for babies

The high chairs They are very important in the first years of children's lives, especially when it comes to teaching manners to eat. They can be used after six months: when the child is able to sit by himself, and They make it easy to give baby food and the first solid foods. We give you some tips to buy the best highchair for your baby.

exist various types of high chairs, although in general they can be divided according to the materials: there are plastic, wood and a combination of plastic and steel. Keep this in mind when buying the high chair for your baby, just look at the price and keep an eye on the padded parts of cotton or other fabric that promotes perspiration.

Considerations before buying a good highchair

-Security: the high chair must be approved and follow the safety instructions. For example, the seat of the high chair must have holding straps to ensure its safety but allow movement. Pediatricians recommend that it be wide and comfortable for the child, as well as the backrest. As for the wheels, although their number usually varies, take into account that have a braking or anti-tilt system to avoid dangers The edges should be rounded and there should not be any in which the child can pinch his fingers or even his hand.

-Materials: we have already explained that there are high chairs of different materials, and each one has its pros and cons. For example, metal high chairs are very strong and light (if the metal is aluminum), the plastic ones are solid, hygienic and also light, while the wooden ones are the most solid, although also the heaviest.

-Weight: related to this is the weight. Make it easier to transport light the highchair from one place to another. This is facilitated with the wheels, but be careful: experts recommend that high chairs have no more than two wheels.

-Extractable tray: Notice how the high chair tray is for your child, and that it is removable. This is much more hygienic since It is easier to clean. In addition, it provides a plus of comfort if we want the child to sit with us at the table in his own highchair. There are also antibacterial treatments, a very interesting option.

- Reclining backrest: There are some high chairs that incorporate a reclining backrest. This is comfortable for children who take a long time to eat (and, therefore, spend more time in the highchair) and for when they are smaller, they can sleep there after lunch.

-Seat: We have already anticipated how the seat should be. Look closely at this because it will determine more than that your child is comfortable in his highchair and, therefore, whether he wants to sit on it or not. The seat It should be cozy, spacious and comfortable: for this, quilts are recommended. Another note: remember that plastic will be easier to clean than cloth.

-Adaptable or evolutionary: Although there are high chairs with different prices, the best thing to make the investment and save money is to get one that adapts to the child's growth: this way it can be used for more years, first as a highchair and then as a seat. Of course, these chairs usually carry more accessories: make sure the price includes them or consult the prices of the other objects to assess if it is worth the expense.

-Folding: If you're going to get a folding highchair, keep in mind what your system is like: It must be practical and simple. As for buying baby strollers, it was advisable to try the system in the store before, here it is the same: try several times to be sure that you will know how to do it and that it is simple but safe. Also, it is recommended that you choose those that support verticality well so that they do not overturn easily.

-Size: finally, respect the manufacturer's instructions, especially regarding the weight of children. It is not good to put a baby under six months in a highchair, but it is not good to use this furniture when the child is too old: its weight and movements can cause the high chair to fall and that your son gets hurt. Keep this in mind too if you're looking for a portable or travel highchair.

Angela R. Bonachera

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