How to organize afternoons for children

Adapting to a schedule when returning from school is important for children because it helps them distribute the time they have in the afternoon and make the most of it. It is advisable to start from the first years of the child's life to acquire the habit of order soon, so that he knows when to have a snack, what to study, when he can play and when to go to sleep.

Parents involved with children after school

And having a schedule that orders afternoons is not only a benefit for the child; We parents will also thank you very much. This way we can perfectly combine our own activities with the care and tasks of the children.

When the child is no longer a baby, we can reason with him some things. In this way you will learn that there is an order in the tasks and that you can not do what you want at any time.

Something that usually gives very good results is to ask "What does it play now?" We will be surprised to see that our son knows what it is, another matter is that he wants to do it. For that, we have to use motivation, which will help us to make the child more bearable the task that he has to perform.

Chain of activities to organize children's afternoons

Chained events are also very effective, which are a series of actions that are carried out daily and repeated accompanied by an activity, such as getting up, going to bed or eating. Such chains of events end up being automated and come to join our person in a mechanical way, although sometimes we let laziness and laziness break that chain and we skip some of their steps. That is where we must make an educational effort.

There are many models of chains of events that we can extract from the life of the little one, and the one that occupies us in the subject of organizing afternoons after school would be more or less like this:

- Greet anyone who is at home.
- Keep the coat, the shoes and leave the backpack.
- To snack.
- Do homework.
- Bath.
- Play for a while.
- Help set the table.
- Dine.
- Help pick up the table.
- Brushing teeth.
- Put on your pajamas.
- Read a story.
- Say goodbye to dad and mom before going to bed.

Logically, in each family there are different customs and the chains of events may vary a bit, because not all of us work in the same way. But the important thing is to educate children so that they are disciplined little by little and realize that there is a logical order in our actions that makes our family life more pleasant.

Conchita Requero
Adviser: Pablo Garrido Gil. Bachelor in Classical Philology, Master and advisor of the IEEE.

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