Five cheap cribs ideal for your baby

Babies require a lot of objects and specific furniture that entail important expenses. However, just as there are tricks to save in different ways and in many aspects, there are also very cheap and good quality cribs, The trick is to find them. For this, it is best to compare different prices and, of course, qualities: sometimes the cheap can be expensive, but good deals can be found.

There are many cribs, from conventional to travel, passing through convertibles and minicunas ... all designed for you to choose the room that you like. Therefore, here we leave you a small selection of cots of different types and models but with something in common: they have a very good price. Do you have any? Remember all the keys you must follow before choosing and do not forget the importance of the mattress!

Cheap cribs for your baby

Cradle of TecTake

Five stars (out of a total of five) has this TecTake cradle, the most sold on Amazon. Its price is around 100 euros and is made of solid wood, with three removable bars that serve as input and three variations of different adjustment. It measures approximately 140 x 70 x 150 cm.

Infantastic travel cot

This Infantastic travel cot is designed in different and fun colors for your baby. Its folding is very simple and is one of the cradles best valued by Amazon users. It sells for about 40 euros and the size of the bed is 124 x 65 x 71 cm. (length x WIDTH X HEIGHT).

Cradle of Fabi Max

This cradle of solid wood is designed to stick to the bed of the parents, so that the height of its bed frame is adjustable. It consists of four wheels that can be blocked costs less than 150 euros. It measures 93 x 45-57 x 81 centimeters.

Cradle of Micuna

Still do not know the Micuna brand? They are Spanish and they make cradles as pretty as this one, with the adjustable mattress positions that is worth around 200 euros. Rounded edges and no protrusions on cribs and high chairs to avoid any accident and double lock of simultaneous activation, with locking device, to ensure that the mobile railing "goes up and down" of the cradle.

Cradle of Picolino

De Picolino is this beautiful model in wood color designed for children up to 3 years. A very simple furniture but of good quality, and for less than 90 euros. Its measurements: 122 x 71 x 13 centimeters.

Angela R. Bonachera

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