Immaturity in young people

Why are there immature young people? Without a doubt, the environment in which they have grown plays a determining role. When comfort has been enhanced, the whims that have been desired have been allowed, it is not required or denied anything so that it does not "suffer" or feel "frustration" when it is not punished for its bad behavior. ... it is quite probable that a child raised in this way will become a young - and later adult - immature and infantile.

For such a person, his goal will be to have fun and avoid everything that involves effort or responsibility.

Self-esteem is the path to maturity

Without maturity there is no self-esteem, no matter how great the successes are. Accepting supposes knowing oneself and taking on one's reality without drama. It is easy for man to idealize his personal worth, and it is even common that in depressed moments he underestimates himself. What is really difficult - they do not get it all - is to have a realistic knowledge of their person and accept it.

Accepting costs, because when you are young, deficiencies (even physical) are often valued more than virtues. Only time helps us to understand each other and to decipher in part that great mystery in which our personality is resolved. In absolute terms we can not speak of a mature young man, because he has not yet had enough time to decipher the language with which his life is written. That does not imply that in relative terms we speak of mature young people or even mature children.

The characteristics of the young immature

1. The immature person has a notable lag between his chronological and mental age, which means that you do not know yourself properly. This lack of knowledge leads to an emotional instability that is reflected in sudden changes of unjustified mood and lack of responsibility for any problem or duty.

2. The immature are usually afflicted with perfectionismThey want to do everything well and demand the same from others. Consequence of all this is a very weak affective support.

3. The immature lacks a vital project, since its ideal is "live a day" and this does not consist precisely in taking advantage of and valuing the present, but in trying to make as many ludic or idle activities as possible, in addition to trying to achieve pleasure and satisfaction in everything. what is done This implies a hedonistic, consumerist and materialistic way of life.

4. His weak, fragile and fickle will, which leads him to be subject to the vagaries of his emotional state, which we do not forget is unstable and changing. For this reason, the immature person does not have a reasoned and reasonable moral that leads him to have a critical spirit to guide his steps, so he thinks according to what he lives, and not the other way around, which is how it should be.

How to help immature youth

It seems difficult, but there are three traits in which we can influence to help young people develop their maturity:

1. Give fair importance to your successes. One of the features of the immature is his perfectionism, so his tolerance to frustration and failure is minimal. In a society in which success is valued exclusively and the failure is concealed with shame, there is no favoring that people reach a level of self-knowledge necessary to realize that from these stumbling blocks great lessons can be learned. Therefore, it is a way to help the immature is giving a fair importance to their successes and removing importance and encouraging him when something has gone wrong, besides making him see the positive consequences that error can have.

2. Requiring the immature must be a task to carry out among the people around him. But it is not about being intransigent and severe, but about setting the bar high in their work and not accepting any fudge. In personal relationships, you should also be required to be responsible: that you arrive on time for appointments, that you do not suddenly cancel them "because you do not want to," that you keep your promises, etc. In short, to comply with what is committed.

3. Hard knocks confront reality. Sometimes, a hard blow of life causes an immature young person to realize that his way of life was not adequate, which can help him to start thinking about how to change.

- The immature person has a notable lag between his chronological and mental age
- Without maturity there is no self-esteem, no matter how great successes are achieved
- For an immature person, his goal will be to have fun and avoid everything that entails an effort or responsibility

Teresa Pereda

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