What are convertible cribs, their pros and cons

The arrival of the baby at home involves many expenses and the purchase of a lot of specific objects for the smallest of the house. Among them are the cribs which, as in the case of strollers, exist with many different measures and characteristics. Convertible cribs may seem like a good option in some cases, but what exactly are they? We tell you its pros and cons.

The convertible cribs are those that, after a while, they can become a normal bed so that the child can continue using it to sleep. Although they exist of different types and in most of the occasions you can choose the complements that it incorporates (chest of drawers, trundle bed, etc.), its general characteristics are the same. Do not confuse them with those designed to encourage co-sleeping: they are normal cribs with a railing that can be removed to join them with our bed.

Whether it is convenient or not to buy a convertible crib when your son comes he must be a totally person choicel, because the circumstances of each house are specific. Still, it is also good to know the pros and cons of this kind of objects, in case you end up finding some that you had not considered.

Main characteristics of convertible cribs

Size: Convertible cribs are usually larger than traditional cribs. While the "lifelong" usually measure 60x120, the convertible cribs have measures of 100x200, although it will depend on the specific model. Thus, the convertible crib will occupy much more space at home than a normal, something to consider if you want to put the crib in your room, for example.

Useful life: the size of the crib is also related to the useful life of the crib. Thus, while normal cribs can usually be used until approximately two years, convertible cribs will last much longer, since when you are older you convert them into a normal bed.

Accessories: This is another of the main differences with traditional cribs. While these consist of the cradle as such, the convertible cribs usually carry various integrated accessories: changing table, chest of drawers, trundle underneath, and so on. The main usefulness of this is that, once you convert the crib into a bed, the rest of the gadgets also become a small table, chest of drawers, etc. (depending on the model's characteristic, of course). So, buying a convertible crib is almost like buying the entire room at once.

Price: with all this the price is related. Obviously, being a much more complete furniture (incorporates, in addition to the crib, coffee table, drawer, etc.), it is also more expensive, and its price usually around 1,000 euros. Therefore, it will depend on the models you like and the price you make the accounts to see if it is cheaper to buy it all in one (the convertible crib) or buy each piece of furniture separately and with the specific measurements of each space of the room.

Are convertible cribs practical?

This is an appreciation that It will totally depend on your experience and needs, as well as the space of your house. For example, there are those who believe that buying a convertible crib is not useful if you want to have another child (because, once the older one goes to bed, you will still need a crib), but this is still a personal opinion: he wants to have at least one convertible crib with his nest bed and then other conventional beds.

Also, although it is true that the size is greater than that of a normal crib, it is also true that it is a space that sooner or later you will need: when the children sleep in normal beds. Therefore, this is something especially significant when talking about putting the crib in the parents' room, but not if it is placed in another space of the house.

It can also be understood as 'against' that, being a large piece of furniture and with several integrated accessories, its transport (travel, for example) is more complicated than traveling with a conventional crib. Also, having a larger size, It does not work when babies are very small (At this time of their lives, it is best to buy a 'moses').

Angela R. Bonachera

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