How to teach to obey children

There are no magic formulas to get our children to do everything we tell them to do. But there are little tricks for teach to obey children, that will help us to educate their will. In the first place, the orders must be concrete, scarce and related. If our goal is to teach the child to live the order, we will demand that you keep your toys in the trunk, hang your coat and leave the plate in the pile.

They are small things, that you know how to do, that you can clearly see if you have done them or not, and that you support each other to lay the foundations of a habit. When you assume them, we can focus on hygiene - washing your hands, combing your hair and brushing your teeth - then on the punctuality ...

In addition, once you reach 3 years, we can go reasoning why to pursue these objectives in a related way, and enter the dynamics of striving to achieve different habits: cleaning, order, etc. However, while we are demanding you in a particular field, the others do not need to be forgotten.

There is no need to use taxation as a rule, there are more ways to do what you should: seek collaboration, the game, etc.

In this way, we will avoid "burning" our authority with orders that are not going to be fulfilled and that should not be confused with disobedience. What we send must be little and concrete, but it must be fulfilled. If we see that he will not be able, it will be better not to ask him.

Find the best time to teach to obey children

In order for the child to truly learn to obey, we must exercise our authority well. This means that, in addition to searching the right moment for the demands (Never while you are watching the cartoons, for example), we will also have to make sure that it complies with the first one.

To obey at the last minute, with a bad face and after reminding him more than twenty times is not to obey, but to bend. In order to get our son accustomed to responding diligently, we must show interest in what we ask and, if he does not respond, force him to comply at that moment.

Demand with reasoning

Finally, we must ensure that our requirement is exempt from threats or extraordinary prizes. We must get the child to obey because he knows it is good. If we resort to promising something nice, it should not be too exceptional and, in any case, we will emphasize how happy it makes us see him obey and the benefits his effort will have for himself.

At first, the child intuitively recognizes the authority of the parents, but after five years, the direct demand must be combined with the reasoning, in such a way that it fulfills because it sees that it is good to comply.

Tricks to teach children to obey

- Do not allow yourself to avoid orders by making excuses. In the end he would end up acquiring the habit of dodging with this method his own responsibilities at home.

- Try not to send the child several things at once. Especially at this stage it is better that our demands are few and very clear.

- Do not let me try to delegate to another brother, everything that we have sent him. Children often develop a certain mischief soon.

- Do not repeat the order many times, because each time it will take longer to obey. On some occasions, the obedience crisis is, in reality, a crisis of parental authority.

- Do not ask what you know they will not be able to carry out. The only thing that we would be getting is to uselessly "waste" our authority.

- Every time you obey do not skimp on praise or praise. It is better that we reward him in this way (reinforcing his self-esteem and the desire to acquire virtue) than with benefits or small gifts.

- Be concrete in what you ask, Making sure you know what you have to do and why. They must be things that we can easily verify if they have met or not.

Conchita Requero

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