The influence of emotions on the behavior of children

Experiencing emotions such as joy, anger, fear, sadness ... makes us behave in one way or another. This influence of emotions is even greater in children, since they do not have the resources to identify, understand and manage their emotional states. Most unwanted behaviors in children are the observable part of a negative emotion.

Human beings are emotional by nature. From birth and in an almost imperceptible way our emotions accompany us, directing our way of acting and influencing our way of thinking. The influence of emotions on the behavior of children It is indisputable, it is not about repressing emotions, but about controlling their influence.

The influence of emotions on the behavior of children

Emotions, thoughts and behaviors are in constant interaction, generating a mutual influence that will determine the well-being of children. The thoughts (interpretations of events and situations), will cause certain emotions, and are in turn responsible for the behavior that is set in motion. But the influence does not end here, emotions too intense in turn can and do distort the thought, giving rise to unrealistic interpretations and creating a specific behavioral pattern.

For example, the child who hears a noise at night and thinks he is a monster: this thought provokes the emotion of fear. And feeling fear generates a concrete behavior such as hiding under the bed, screaming, crying, going to the room of their parents, etc. If that fear is too intense, it will contribute to a distortion of thoughts (a monster comes every night), and the resulting behavioral pattern (crying every night, not being able to sleep alone, etc.).

We are what we feel, that is why it is essential to bet on an emotional education that gives them the necessary resources to identify, understand and manage emotional states. In this way they will be able to control their emotional states before they control them.

Negative emotions and their influence on children's behavior

Negative emotions are also part of the usual repertoire of children, such as anger, frustration, anger, sadness, fear, etc ... These emotions can control the behavior of children and dominate their thinking.
Many of the unwanted behaviors like tantrums, responses, lies, etc ... are the observable part of a negative emotion.

Negative emotions are part of people. They are not pleasant, but it is not bad to experience them. It is not about repressing these emotions in children since this can have much more damaging effects in the long run. It is about controlling the influence of emotions on the behavior of children. If we educate them from emotional intelligence, we will get them to develop more positive exit routes for these emotions, so they can control behavior and thinking.

Tricks to control the influence of emotions on the behavior of children

1. Worry about emotional education of the kids.
2. Provide a climate of trust and confidence where they can express their emotional states freely through the word.
3. Teach them to identify their emotions and understand them.
4. Develop positive thinking, it will help them to ward off negative thoughts.
5. It serves as an example and show them real examples of emotions and associated behaviors.
6. Use the examples to ask them and help them to reflect on the exit behaviors of emotions.
7. Teach them alternative exit routes for negative emotions such as sports, relaxation, communication, etc.
8. Try to develop a healthy self-esteem, since it is fundamental for a healthy management of emotions.
9. Do not reinforce negative behavior that arise as a result of a negative emotion. Try not to give them importance, do not pay too much attention to them.
10. Help them to question their thoughts.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in Child and Adolescent Pedagogy and Psychology. Director of Educa and Aprende.
Author of the collection Stimulate the reading and writing processes

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