Keys before buying a baby cart

The baby carts They are one of the main expenses that we have to face when we prepare the arrival of our baby along with the cribs. However, there are such a variety of options that it is normal to doubt and not knowing which one to choose so that our baby is comfortable and, at the same time, is a lasting investment. We tell you the keys that you must keep in mind before buying a cart for your baby.

From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) we are advised to take into account several aspects before deciding on the cart we are going to use and ask us three key questions: when are we going to use the cart (if when you are older, or newborn), where (in the city, public transportation, or to travel) and what trolley accessories will be truly necessary.

With all this, the purchase of the baby cart is a combination of our interests and budget with the needs and comfort of the baby (or babies, if there are two). Keep in mind these key points and avoid common mistakes: that the cart will not serve you soon, that our baby is not comfortable or that it is difficult to transport, for example.

The basics before buying the stroller

1. Weight and space: the weight and the way to fold the cart are two essential aspects before buying them, especially if we want the cart to walk around the city or enter stores, for example.

- Lightweight materials for the baby cart. The best thing is that you notice a cart that has light materials (and, if they are waterproof, better) to lessen the effort you'll have to do: keep in mind that a baby cart can weigh between five and 14 kilos, which will add what your baby weighs. While it is true that newborn your muscles will not have to support great weight, as the child gets bigger the load can end up being painful for your arms if the baby cart is too heavy.

- Folding of the baby seat or stroller. Also, look closely at how the cart is folded, there are some who do like a book (once folded they stand alone) and those that fold upas an umbrella (They do not stand up). Consider this and value it along with your personal and routine preferences: the former are somewhat more comfortable but also heavier, while the latter tend to be lighter but, at the same time, require that we hold them.

Experts advise that you take into account the environment in which you are going to use the baby cart: if it is in the city, it is best to buy a urban cart: easy to carry and fold, while if it is for the field it is more useful the all-rounder: have large, sturdy wheels. Also, do not forget how your house is and if you have an elevator to carry the cart (if you do not have it, again it should be lighter), and also the size of the trunk of the car if you plan to travel or go by car with your little one, for example.

2. Child size: The OCU also advises to take into account from when you will use the cart for your baby: if from the first days of life or when it is longer (about six months, for example).

- For the newborn baby. If you use the cart since the baby is born, it is important that you have a rigid back and that it be fully reclinable.

- For the baby from six months of age. The ones that work best are the ones that have reclining back in several positions and make it comfortable.

Also in this case you can assess that the carrycot (the structure in which the baby is traveling) can be easily changed separating from the chassis of the cart, to put another structure for when your baby can stay seated. Finally, in this aspect you must take into account the size of the pieces if you want to use it for a longer time and that it does not get too small.

The most practical strollers have all these characteristics (carrycot and adjustable seat), while the most complete, and therefore more usable, also include the car seat. Keep this in mind before buying: this option is very versatile, but it is not useful if you already have, for example, a baby carrier for the car.

3. The wheels: nowadays there are trolleys with three wheels and others with four. Although both options have the same stability, it is good to know that, although the four-wheeled carts are usually lighter and the three are somewhat larger and heavier, these seconds tend to be more manageable, with adjustable height, brakes that They are handled by hand and a large storage space under the chair.

Who will take it? Usually, trolleys usually have a standard size, but this can be a problem if the parents are too low or too high. Take into account the height of the handlebars and the seat so they are suitable and comfortable to wear. The best thing in these cases is that they are adjustable on the handlebar: that way there will be no problems.

4. The price: It is true, the price is an important factor when buying a cart. There are from 300 to more than 1,000 euros, so the budget will also be decisive when buying the best. In this case, it is advised that you value all the factors and if it is "worthwhile" to pay more for a better one. You can also take advantage of offers and 'outlets' to get hold of this important object.

Try the baby's cart before buying it

After having taken into account all these factors, do not forget try the baby cart before buying it and that compare with each other. You may discover that the one you liked the most is not the most appropriate, and it will save you "anger" once you are at home.

A) Yes, open it and close it with one hand to assess the ease of the process, it is a movement that you will have to do many months when your baby arrives. Check that all wheels can be moved in all directions and that they lock without problem when operating the brake. If there is a ladder in the store, lift it and lower it with the cart to check how it works.

Look carefully at all the details of the cart: how the chair reclines, what size it is (for the car and the house, above all) and how are the accessories: that the safety belt can be removed to wash it (it will be very common for your baby will stain it) and have different positions to fit well with your baby's body. Also, for the most flirtatious, the best thing is that the cart allow to use bags and covers of different brands so, to be able to dress it at your whim and the color that you most want when you go for a walk, without being limited to a single brand or model, for example.

Angela R. Bonachera

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