Monité, the new video game against bullying

A video game to fight against bullying? It is possible, has just launched the Spanish company Nesplora within a comprehensive program called 'Monité' for the prevention of bullying. Thus, the video game is joined by other materials for parents, teachers and students to fight together against bullying and all that this kind of actions entail.

The company, which has the backing of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, has presented its program this week, which consists of four essential parts for the fight against bullying: a video game that can be accessed online, materials for parents (with activities to work with their children and teachers), complementary materials with videos and stories and a website to share experiences with other parents and, thus, strengthen the mutual learning.

The video game to avoid bullying

As explained by the company itself, the video game has been designed for children between six and 11 years old, its main objective being to educate empathy and respect. Thus, the creators of the program assure that this is essential to prevent behaviors that can lead to bullying.

The video game, which can be booked already on the web, is based on the involvement of parents and teachers so that students consolidate what they learn throughout the game. Its objective is, in the words of the director of the company, Isabel Ordañamos, "the learning of more adaptive responses by all the possible agents involved in situations of bullying".

Orbañanos, likewise, recalled that the strong point of this project is the possibility of working with bullying from all areas of the educational communityto. We have already seen that bullying usually has a "hidden side" that involves day to day in the home, to which it is added that this kind of actions are usually carried out "secretly" by teachers and parents, for which is not always easy to identify.

Thus, the videogame proposes a story that will attract children from the beginning, while parents and educators will work on other activities aimed at the family and the academic environment. The objective is clear: prevent and give a joint response against bullying, so worrying these days, especially when it occurs through the internet.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Monité

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