The benefits of playing with play dough for children

The clay it is that material that we can use to mold and make figures of colors. One of the favorite games of children, the truth is that the fact that your children play with plasticine has multiple benefits for their learning, since it is a perfect tool to promote their creativity, so important for their development when they are small.

If until now you have not put play with plasticine with your children, It's the moment! Take advantage of an afternoon without homework or the weekend to play to shape figures. You can create small cities and invent stories, you will have a great time.

The benefits of plasticine in children

- Creativity Through plasticine the child encourages his creativity as he imagines, creates and, at the same time, materializes the thoughts that he has in his mind, for which he brings multiple benefits to his fantasy.

- Fine motor. Plasticine is also a stimulator of fine motor skills, that of your little hands, since when you play they acquire agility, strength and dexterity in your fingers, which will be very important when you start learning to read and write.

- Differentiate colors. It is widely used in Early Childhood Education because it allows the child to differentiate colors, knead, soften, separate and rejoin pieces, and so on.

- Proportions. Just as you learn to differentiate colors, plasticine can also be a perfect tool to get used to the different sizes and proportions of things.

- Concentration. Playing with clay, in addition, favors the concentration of our children, as it proposes short and long term goals (such as making a figure), as also happens with chess. It is a motivating and fun activity that keeps them busy in periods of time that can be quite long.

- Relaxation. It is an activity that, while having fun, can also relax and reassure you in times of nerves. Therefore, it is also recommended in restless or hyperactive children to play with it after other activities and clear the mind.

- Self esteem. The plasticine, in addition, can increase the self-esteem of your children when they manage to realize the figure that they have been proposed and see that you congratulate them for how beautiful they have been.

Recommendations for playing with play dough

Although the plasticine has more Benefits what risks, you should not leave your children alone when they play with it, at least when they are small, since they tend to get everything in their mouths, and the plasticine is not edible.

Thus, look closely at the plasticine you buy and the materials with which it is made: that are not toxic. If you have a child under three years old and you want him to start playing, the best thing is that you believe in your homemade plasticine with flour, water and a little edible coloring, thus avoiding possible risks.

Finally, do not forget to teach your children that, after playing, you have to collect the plasticine and save it for another day and, of course, wash your hands well. For the rest, just let him have fun and learn.

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Benefits of Playing with Playdough

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