5 tips to keep cellulite at bay

Cellulite affects all women equally without making age or weight distinctions. Currently, cellulite is one of the aesthetic issues that most concern women, who seek resources and remedies to make the "skin of orange" invisible. Preventing its appearance is the main objective, but once it has appeared the most important thing is keep cellulite at bay.

5 infallible tips to deal with cellulite

Below, we offer you 5 infallible tips for the reduction and elimination of cellulite:

1. Include citrus fruits and other vegetables in your diet like the asparagus and the artichoke. They contain bioflavonoids that help prevent the appearance of cellulite. On the other hand, the intake of vegetable proteins such as legumes, lentils, broccoli, cauliflower and nuts will help your body to create muscle instead of fat.

2. Avoid the consumption of industrial foods as the industrial bakery, canned, dried foods, that is to say, that they have undergone an industrial alteration to later be consumed.

3. It is important to be well hydrated. Cellulite is nourished by the lack of fluid. Drinking liquids such as water, juices without sugar, etc. is beneficial to fight cellulite from the inside. The optimal amount ranges between 1.5 and 2 liters per day and limit the consumption of salt.

4. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and exercise. It is a source of positive and very healthy energy for the body, the skin, and the mood of the person. Walking half an hour a day will help the cardiovascular system to become active and strengthen, as well as burn calories and eliminate cholesterol harmful to the body.

There are also other types of exercises suitable to combat cellulite such as aerobic exercise or weight training, squats, swimming, going up and down stairs and riding a bicycle.
Take the opportunity to incorporate part of these exercises into your daily routine: walk instead of using the car, climb the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

5. Help with a professional aesthetic medical treatment. Today there are medical-aesthetic treatments that favor the elimination of cellulite. The most used are:

- Mesotherapy. It consists of small superficial infiltrations of medicines, most often homeopathic or phytotherapeutic, in certain areas of our body such as the arms, legs or abdomen. It is used primarily in the treatment of cellulite, flaccidity and to stimulate circulation improving fluid retention.

- The new "fat detergent". This treatment aimed at the elimination of fat cells and reduce the thickness of the skin, is composed of three active principles: phosphatilcholine, is a component of bile responsible for the elimination of lipids; the growth factors, which are responsible for giving the order to the cells to "undo that localized fat", and finally, the vitamins that help give elasticity to the skin and a firm aspect reducing cellulite.

Dr. Nazaret Romero. Medical Director Nazaret Romero Clinic - Aesthetic Medicine

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