The 10 most romantic cities in the world for Valentine's Day

The romantic getaways They can be a good option to renew the love in the couple. A perfect excuse to know another city and enjoy a few moments alone, tender and, at the same time, fun. Paris, Rome, Barcelona ... the options of places to visit are very wide. Therefore, we offer you a list with the 10 most romantic cities in the world.

Although each couple can have their special place or their own tastes when choosing new destinations, the truth is that there are certain cities known by all as the most romantic in the world and, therefore, good options to celebrate Valentine's Day. This is what all classifications say after doing surveys in different countries, guess what they are?

The 10 most romantic cities in the world

1. Paris (France)

A kiss under the Eiffel Tower, a romantic walk next to the Seine or a visit to Montmartre. Paris is the city of love, and not in vain in the Place des Abbesses you can find the beautiful Wall of Love: more than 600 tiles with 'I love you' written in different languages. An unforgettable trip.

2. Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre It is a portion of the Italian coast formed by five villages of the province of La Spezia, bathed by the Ligurian Sea. Skyscanner fervently recommend this destination as the perfect place to spend a very special Valentine: the Blue Trail or the Via dell'Amore are some of the must-see places.

3. Lisbon (Portugal)

Another perfect plan to make as a couple and enjoy moments of romance is a getaway to Lisbon. Its warm atmosphere and its narrow streets make it an ideal destination to fall in love (even more). Enjoy the Portuguese atmosphere, the impressive Torre de Belém and, why not, treat yourself to a sweet treat in Antigua Confectionery.

4. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Yes, in Copenhagen It will be cold but, is not there a better excuse to be hugged? The channels of the capital of Denmark will fall in love and surprise you, and you will be able to photograph yourself with The Little Mermaid. A place that is also known as a good family holiday destination, the truth is that Copenhagen is perfect to visit always.

5. Palermo (Italy)

The stunning island of Sicily offers us Palermo, another of the most romantic places in the world. The market of Vicciria e Ballarò, the magnificent mosaics of the Duomo, the sunsets from its beaches ... Valentine's Day It will have a 'special flavor' from this magnificent city.

6. Marrakech (Morocco)

Morocco can be another destination to enjoy romanticism. In Marrakech You can visit the Medina and the souk, enjoy the perfumes of the Djma el Fna square and see the beautiful Mosque of Koutoubia. Do not miss the magnificent Moroccan tea, a gift for the senses to celebrate Valentine's Day.

7. Rome (Italy)

In this classification of Skyscanner, Italy wins by a landslide. And is that how not to include Rome as one of the best trips to Valentine's Day. The eternal city offers romantic walks to the Fontana di Trevi, visits to St. Peter's Square and, of course, how not to go through the 'Viale degli Innamorati' (the boulevard of lovers).

8. Barcelona (Spain)

Stroll along the Ramblas Barcelona is another perfect plan for a weekend with your partner, but Barcelona offers much more: do not miss the bucolic neighborhood of El Born, go through the Carrer de Petons (the street of kisses) and, of course, enjoy a Awesome sunset from the Parc Güell.

9. Vienna (Austria)

The Austrian capital is beautiful without more. Ice skating, horse drawn carriages * If you like art, the Austrian Art Gallery should be on your list of places to go to see the mythical Klimt painting up close 'The kiss'. Is there something more romantic?

10. London (United Kingdom)

London It is a perfect place to visit with children, but also as a couple. The beautiful views from the London Eye, a romantic and peaceful walk along its canals, the views from Primrose Hill or the imposing Cathedral of St. Paul. If you choose this destination as a Valentine's Day gift, you will not regret it.

Angela R. Bonachera

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