5 ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with the children

Arrive Valentine's Day! The day of lovers can be celebrated as a couple but, why not with the family, that after all our children are the fruit of love with our partner? Having children at home can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with our children in a more original way, here are some ideas so that this day is special.

The children, the best accomplices on Valentine's Day

The little ones in the house love games, surprises and, also, secrets. Are you coming up with a surprise for your partner? Make your children your accomplices when you give them a Valentine's surprise to your partner: you will have much more fun and, in addition, you will encourage their creativity if you let them propose ideas to you. You will be surprised at what you can think of!

Romantic decorations with crafts

The 'Do it yourself' is in fashion and, just as we can make gifts ourselves for our couples, why not take advantage of Valentine's Day to decorate the house with romantic ornaments made with crafts? We can make garlands with colored papers and a little thread to hang it from the wall, for example.

The whole family can have fun with this simple plan that, again, encourages creativity and good humor. Who can get angry while decorating the house? Let the imagination of your children flow and do not worry if it is not entirely your taste, the most important thing is to have fun.

Dinner or family meal

On Valentine's Day romantic dinners they are a perfect plan, but if you have children at home and you do not find anyone to stay at home with them, celebrate it with your family! The Valentine's Day it's just a date to celebrate love, and what better than to celebrate it with the loves that complete our life.

You can take advantage to make a special decoration: candles and music can entertain your children, and more if you involve them in the preparation of the menu, from the food to the decoration of the table to make it a more special date.

Contests with children

The Valentine's cards They are a very beautiful gift on Valentine's Day, why not do contests with children? You can hide messages of love in the house and win the one you find more, or make contests to see who makes the most beautiful greeting cards.

Romantic gestures

And last, but not least, romantic gestures. Romanticism must be a thing of every day, although Valentine gives us the perfect excuse to have more romantic gestures of the normal ones. Surprise your children with little notes that remind them how much their parents love them and involve them to do the same: the surprise will be double!

Angela R. Bonachera

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