5 twin strollers for your babies

The twin buggies they are a perfect option (and necessary) when you have two twin or twin children and can even serve you if your children are of similar ages. It is true that its weight and price is usually higher than the "conventional" strollers, but its usefulness is indisputable,especially when you have two children of similar age.

In the market there are various types of twin strollers to go for a walk with your children, which are distinguished mainly by the arrangement of the seats. Thus, twin tandem chairs has the children's seats lined up or facing each other, while another model is the one that has them in parallel: both look to the front and it is more comfortable for them, but also these chairs are wider to walk around the city or enter a store, for example.

We leave you here a selection with five twin strollers for your twins of different brands, models and prices that are triumphing in the market. Which one do you prefer?

Pushchairs for two

1. Donkey walk chair, from Bugaboo

Bugaboo's Donkey model offers it all thanks to its possibilities of transformation: it can be an individual trolley, put two carry-cases so that your children can look at each other, facing or towards you. Its wheels allow the walk through the city or the countryside, and the chassis is designed so that the baby becomes a child: it can hold up to 34 kilos. Its price is around 1,600 euros and weighs 15 kilos.

2. City Mini Chair, by Baby Jogger

This Baby Jogger stroller is designed for children of six months. Its price is around 600 euros and its four wheels are handled very easily because it is light, weighs just over 12 kilos.

3. Echo Twin twin stroller, by Chicco

The Chico Echo Twin model is designed for children since they are born thanks to their reclining seats in four positions. It weighs 13.5 kilos and is sold in stores for around 250 euros.

4. Freerider SH12 stroller from Hauk

This Freerider chair for two weighs 13 kilos and is designed for children up to 25. With its removable chairs, it can be individual or double depending on what suits you best. It sells for just under 300 euros.

5. Twin Swift stroller, by Inglesina

For approximately 240 euros this model of Inglesina is sold, designed for children from six months. A classic stroller that stands out for its simplicity and functionality. Its seats are regulated in four positions and weighs about 13 kilos.

Angela R. Bonachera

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