Frozen, bad example for children?

Frozen tells the beautiful story of the sisters Anna and Elsa, heirs of the kingdom of Arendelle. A story in which you bet on true love: that of the sisters and whose funny story has delighted big and old people all over the world ... except for some, who now seem to question the example they give to children.

According to the president of the Concerned Women for America, Penny Nance, on Fox News, Holliwood and Disney are sending a message "that men are superfluous and that their contribution to family life is limited to paying the invoices ", something that would be a bad example for the children of the home.

This, said Nance, is not true and, therefore, "It's not good for society", pointing out a main culprit: the movie of Frozen. The president of this association said that the image of men in this film was negative and took the opportunity to extol masculinity in children.

"We want them to know that they are necessary," he said, adding that children should grow "as heroes, as true men, we want to enhance masculinity and not" villanize "the masculine."

Frozen, The Kingdom of Ice

Not everyone agrees with Nance's claims and they assure that the film of Frozen, the Ice Kingdom does not "villanize" man, It's more, one of his male characters, Kristoff, try to save Anna with all her strength. Even the friendly snowman Olaf is willing to melt to protect the girl, which is an important sign of friendship and, in passing, puts them as heroes.

The movie Frozen is the best animated production of Disney of recent years and not in vain has been one of the highest grossing in history to collect 1,274 million dollars worldwide.

It proposes a dynamic tale of true love in which the moving parts are mixed, the action and moments of laughter for parents and, above all, the children of the house. All this to offer us an interesting and necessary ran eflection on fraternal love, who survives after distance, fights and bad decisions.

The path of Anna looking for Elsa is a funny story thanks to the contributions of Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, as well as, of course, the beloved Olaf snowman. Everyone together they will fight to save the kingdom of destruction, regardless of whether it is men or women.

When the film premiered, we proposed some reflections to do at home with the children, such as unconditional love between siblings and help without expecting anything in exchange for Kristoff to Anna. What do you think now of the criticism of the president of Women Concerned for America?

Angela R. Bonachera

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