Trends to decorate your baby's room

Drawings on the walls, cushions with shapes, poems on the ceiling ... turn the room of the little ones into a magical place that stimulates your imagination! It's the place where they sleep, they do their homework, they dress, they play ... The children's room is their little world. And it is to decorate children's rooms you must take into account these specific details can help create a beautiful environment, which also stimulates their creativity and development.

No need to invest large amounts of money or change all furniture or cradle, simple gestures to mark trends for decorate your baby's room: a change in the distribution, some funny cushions, a vinyl on the wall ...

Paint on the wall of your baby's room

Can you imagine stamping poems on the walls? Literature in Vertical ( makes it possible. It is a company that creates visual murals, where they show some fresh and funny stories featuring unusual creatures. Vertical Literature breaks schemes with cultural vinyls, which also draw attention for its aesthetics. That is why they are hooked on walls and surfaces of any space: you can place the vinyl on one or another wall, or surface according to your tastes and needs, without worrying about stains, peeling or damaging the vinyl. Thanks to its adhesion by microventures, you can place and reposition your composition cleanly and without leaving a trace on walls and surfaces. And the best thing is that you can do the shopping without moving from home, on the Internet: you choose the drawing and in a few days you have it at home.

And it is that the messages on the wall are a simple way to enhance the reading ability of the child, who through his space lives on a daily basis the act of reading and surrounding himself with stories. Chispum ( is another company where you can find a variety of vinyl with funny messages: a hole in the socket that simulates the house of the mouse Perez, a different story of Little Red Riding Hood, messages that indicate spaces to think, read or even smile ...

Decorate your baby's room with a click

A walk through the Internet will give you many ideas to make your room a magical world. A must see is the blog "Decorate your soul" (, where you will find inspiration in abundance. There you will find very special houses and rooms, inspiring images with references and many ideas on how to extend the life of your furniture or redecorate spaces. They have a beautiful online store with replica chairs of the famous Eames designs, cookie-shaped carpets, elephant poufs ... the decoration has to be a game and more in the case of children, where there is a small budget and a lot of imagination you can get fun environments and aesthetically very beautiful.

Online sale of furniture for your baby's room

Another stop on our walk through the Internet is Mimub ( It is a private club selling online furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories for the home that gives you the opportunity to purchase products from leading European suppliers at a good price.

Initials to personalize your space, fun printed fabric owls, a small wicker chair to make your throne, wood and steel lamps, elegant wicker scissors for your crafts, vintage wall clocks or a bucket to use as a bin or for save toys ... are some of the products that can be purchased through their website.

Accessories for children's bedrooms

And as a final click: Making the Indian (, a company-design studio in which you will find cushions, fabrics, dolls, paintings and murals of illustrations full of color and freshness.

Lucia Benavente


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