Family trips: 10 places to visit in Europe

Organize family trips Sometimes it is hard work: we must also take into account the interests of children, and therefore it is best to choose cities that offer both culture and fun, as well as assess other factors that interest us (such as the quality of restaurants, of course). Still, there are Many places to visit in Europe when you want to travel as a family.

Although each family may have their own preferences, which are usually based on previous experiences (if you liked a city, maybe you want to return or you prefer to visit others to expand the world), the lists of favorite places by others can help us when we doubt about destinations to choose. Therefore, here we bring a small selection of European cities perfect for family travel.

10 places to visit in Europe with the family

1. Paris (France)

The City of Love also offers an immense amount of plans for families, starting with Disney Land Paris. Visit with your little ones that place of charm will amaze you, and you can also enjoy, for example, visiting the famous Notre Dame cathedral and remember your hunchback inhabitant.

2. London (United Kingdom)

The stories hidden behind the Tower of London, crossing its bridge and feeling in a medieval tale, seeing the whole city from the "London Eye", looking for Peter Pan in Hyde Park ... are just some of the activities that can be do with children in London.

3. Rome (Italy)

The difficult thing is that your children are not impressed when they see the Colosseum or discover the church of Santa Maria della Concezione, decorated with bones ... if you decide to go in summer, the Italian ice creams will not disappoint you.

4. Barcelona (Spain)

In most travel websites, Barcelona is another of the European cities that appear as a favorite destination for families. Your children will enjoy as much as you watching the "weird" design of Parc Güell and the Sagrada Familia, and finding incredible fish in the city's aquarium.

5. Dublin (Ireland)

The capital of Ireland, Dublin, is a charming city, both friendly and frenetic. Visit your Zoo with your little ones, enjoy a picnic in Phoenix Park and do not miss the Ark, a cultural center for children in Temple Bar that the whole family will enjoy.

6. Athens (Greece)

We are what we are because we come from a past. Teaching your children the "cradle" of civilization, Athens, will make you enjoy while learning, for example visiting the Parthenon or the Acropolis, as well as the statues that are scattered around the city. Enjoy also the delicious Greek food, a delight.

7. Munich (Germany)

Visit fairy tale palaces, play at the Deutsches Museum ... the German city of Munich offers much entertainment for the whole family. Also, if the children are somewhat older, you can also visit the Dachau concentration center to make them aware of their fate.

8. Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Little Mermaid is, without a doubt, one of the main attractions for big and old people of Copenhagen. Also in this city we find impressive castles of fairy tales and, for the most active, attractions in the Tivoli Gardens, an authentic symbol of Denmark.

9. Canary Islands (Spain)

An opportunity to escape from the cold are the Canary Islands, which with their sandy beaches and their resorts for families become an ideal destination. You can visit the largest water park in Europe (Siam Park) or climb to the highest peak in Spain (El Teide), both in Tenerife. But all the islands are fantastic to enjoy as a family.

10. Salzburg (Austrian Alps)

How about a visit to the hometown of one of the greats of classical music, Mozart? Salzburg will impress parents and children with its incredible castle that even has canyons and dungeons; its famous zoo and the labyrinth of the Mirabelle Gardens. All this in an exceptional setting: full Austrian Alps.

Angela R. Bonachera

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