Reasons to encourage running in the family

The sport is necessary. Go for a run or to do 'Running' It can be a very good option to exercise and, in addition, it is fashionable. But why not practice it in family? The truth is that, although it may seem like a solitary sport, 'Running' is a perfect exercise to do as a family, even with the smallest of the house.

To combine the daily tasks of work with dedicating time to the little ones is often complicated, and also among our 'obligations' to try to maintain a healthy and sedentary life is to play sports. The 'running'is the perfect way to combine both needs: you are practicing sports and keeping fit while enjoying a great family time.

The sport is necessary. Going for a run or running can be a very good option for exercising and, in addition, it is fashionable. But why not practice it as a family? The truth is that, although it may seem a lonely sport, the 'running' is a perfect exercise to do as a family, even with the youngest of the house.

Sport for all: running

Running is a sport that everyone can practice since it has no rules or regulations and, besides, it's free: just put some Running shoes so as not to hurt your feet and go out to the street to jog. In addition, as exercise helps improve the physical condition, especially blood circulation and toning of muscles, and go out to run helps keep the head clear.

The only difficulty that this sport has is that it needs perseverance: we have to overcome laziness and say goodbye to sedentary life. Once this is achieved, it is achieved with true determination and taking the 'running' as something fun and not an obligation, the rest will arrive rolled.

The 'running' for the whole family

If you go to go for a run and your little one asks you to accompany you, do not take it as a delay of your 'timming', but as the beginning of an important and strong family relationship. Running is a sport that the whole family can practice, and doing it together encourages their attraction even more. Have you ever experienced the feeling of crossing the finish line with your child? Those that have done it do more than recommend it.

Running as a family is becoming so popular that in cities such as Barcelona or Segovia, special careers are organized that have as their main requirement that minors be accompanied by adults. Even so, the most important thing to do is to 'running' as a family It is not the competitions, but just the opposite: running with other people encourages fellowship as everyone goes hand in hand to reach the proposed goal together.

Also, while we practice the 'running' with our children we can devise games that make the journey less monotonous and, thus, become a fun date and for which you are all waiting. Another option is to take advantage of that time 'alone' to chat and practice communication between parents and children: our children will perceive the time of running as the moment of intimacy, of sport and of breathing deeply.

Advantages of running for children

Running accompanied by our little ones can be a perfect plan for a good day. Here the most important thing is to be moderate and remember that experts recommend that do not practice running until five years. The reason is none other than the child's own training: as he is smaller, he will be more likely to suffer fractures.

The best thing about children running is that they do not get to know the sedentary life, but that they enjoy activity and sports from childhood naturally so that they understand it as a game. Thus, experts recommend that, when it comes to run with the little ones in the house, keep in mind that their capacity is not the same: you have to adapt to them both in the distance to run as in the speed at which it goes.

Once the child is growing, he himself is acquiring greater capacity thanks to his own routines: the persecution games, so common from six or seven years, also make it easier for our son to get used to running, something we can use to go knowing new routes. In this way, while we practice sports with our children We are knowing the surroundings of our house and, even, breathing clean air of nature.

Angela R. Bonachera

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