Benefits of music in pregnancy

The music is part of our life since we were born but, what happens with the music during pregnancy? Many researchers have already noted the effects of talking with your baby before they are born, but what about music? Is it good to put Vivaldi? Some doubts already have their answers.

Music in the development of the baby

The researchers do not agree on whether the music affects the development of the baby During pregnancy. Many studies do say that babies can listen to them and react to sounds through movement, but what is not clear is what those movements mean.

Will music make my son smarter?

A lot of people think that putting music to babies makes them smarter, but no research supports that idea. Some studies indicate that newborn children are able to recognize the music that their parents have given them when they were small, but again here there is no agreement in the scientific community and other researchers claim that this statement is based only on anecdotal results that do not they can be generalized.

How do I play music for my baby before birth?

If you want put music to your little one before it is born, the best thing is to put it on speakers, that is, in stereo. According to the researchers, it is not a good idea to use headphones in your belly since the music would be too close to the baby and could overwhelm you.

About the volume of music, you should not put it too high because several investigations have concluded that most babies who have been exposed to high music before birth have ended up being born prematurely. In short, do not listen to music over 65 decibels (the volume of background music in a store, for example), since high sound could harm the baby. The best thing is that the music is not very loud. And do not fear: the baby hears it, the belly liquid is a good conductor of sound.

Benefits of putting music to the baby during pregnancy

You may wonder if it is good or not to put music to your baby before it is born. And the answer, as many times, is in moderation. Play music to your baby without fear if you wish, but do not do it at high volumes. If what you want is to create a "genius of music" this is probably not the best option: nothing proves that it can be done.

Listen to music because you like it and do not get overwhelmed thinking if it will be smarter or less if it does. Let the music relax you: a relaxed mother is good for the fetus, so if the music relaxes you, it will also be good for your baby inside your belly.

What music is best during pregnancy?

What there seems to be no doubt about is what kind of music is best for our son before it is born: classical. The reason is that the classical music It includes a variety of notes and repetitions that create a sound like a lullaby that also relaxes the child.
For this reason, another good option can be any other kind of music as long as it complies with that norm: that is not discordant.

The dissonant sounds They can make the fetus nervous, so it does not seem a good idea to put rock or heavy metal on your baby since they usually have very loud sounds that will scare your little one even before they are born.

Angela R. Bonachera

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