Volkswagen Passat, leadership passion

Volkswagen presents theeighth generation of the Passat, a sedan that arrives to maintain its privileged position: few models can boast of havingsold more than 22 million units, as in the case of the German model.

The new Passat was born with the intention of establishing itsmarket leader position, which has allowed it to sell more than 22 million units since 1973. Its eighth generation appears in thetwo versions of saloon and family -which the brand denominatesVariant- with a very strong aesthetic in its exterior appearance, although it follows the guidelines of the successful cars of the house andIt maintains its fundamental identification features.

Unlike other models, which take advantage of each generation to make them grow, the new Passatit remains in its dimensions with a minimum difference of 2 millimeters, but curiously down. It adopts the new platform of the MQB group, the same as the new Golf, which nevertheless allows it increase the interior space, to give more comfort to passengers. There is more space for the shoulders and legs andthe trunk has 21 liters more, to have up to 586 liters in the sedan and up to 650 liters in the family, which grows 47 liters. This is achieved with shorter overhangs, taking the wheels more to the ends, which also play an aesthetic role, as thecar image is more sporty and with an impression that he is more settled on the firm.

Perhaps in the interior the generational change is better appreciated. The dashboard, which is very clean, has a trim that goes from side to side, and ends in the air vents which gives aSimple and elegant appearance and at the distinctive time. Of course, there is also a change in the quality of the materials and the execution, to give aLuxury feeling which is appreciated when touching any knob or closing a door. Everything looks, sounds and adjusts with taste and quality.

Less consumption and more security

Theconsumption of the new Passat have been reduced around 20%, for the efficiency of the mechanics and the reduction of 85 kilos of average weight of the car. In addition, nine engines will be available little by little: five of petrol, with powers between the 125 horses of the TSI 1.4 and the 280 of the TSI 2.0, to which we must add aplug-in gasoline hybrid that will arrive in the second half of 2015 and that will offer 211 horses, a combined consumption of 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers and an electric range of 50 kilometers.

In diesel there will be four TDI engines from 120 to 240 horses. The latter will be the most powerful biturbo diesel built by the brand, with a consumption of 5.3 liters, which comes standard with the traction4Motion and theautomatic gearbox 7 speed DSG. All engines comply with the Euro6 standard, they havestart & stop and regeneration of braking.

Bet for safety

The new Passat range will havethree levels of equipment: Edition, Advanced and Sport. From the basic level it has practically everything necessary and there are serial and optional packages, such asdead angle sensor withSide Assist, fatigue detector, multiple anti-collision brake, adaptive ACC cruise control by radar, assistantemergency braking in the city, Lane Assist, Area View with four cameras around the car and even a curious system called Trailer Assist for those that use a trailer and that, thanks to a camera, automatically performsGuidance maneuvers traverse of the trailer, among many others.

Data sheet

Engine: TSI gasoline 125 hp at 280 hp; TDI diesel from 120 hp to 240 hp; GTE plug-in hybrid of 211 hp gasoline.
Transmission: 6 speed manuals or automatic 6 or 7 speed DSG. Front or total traction 4Motion.
Suspension: McPherson front and rear axle Modular Performance behind.
Brakes: ventilated front and rear discs.
Address: Progressive assisted electromechanical power steering
Benefits: maximum speed from 216 to 250 km / h.
Average consumption: 4.8 to 7.2 liter gasoline; Diesel from 4 to 5.3 liters per 100 km.
Long wide high: 4.76 / 1.83 / 1.45 / meters.
Capacities: Trunk 586/650 liters; 66 liters fuel tank.
Warranty: 2 years.
Prices: diesel from € 25,550; gasoline from € 25,300.

Francisco del Brío, Newsmotor.

Video: Worth long waiting for Riza's B8 Passat story. After almost a year, his initial name on his ride

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