Workshops against piracy in schools

Teach children the damage done by piracy to intellectual property It is the main objective of the workshop Defend our culture that has launched the Coalition of creators and content industries in 10 schools of the Community of Madrid. This educational project aims to raise awareness among students about the respect for intellectual property and responsible access to digital content.

In favor of respect for intellectual property

This interactive workshop has involved more than 1,000 primary school students, aged between eight and ten years. The results of the workshop show that more than 70 percent of students are unaware of the damage piracy does to culture. The interaction with the students was key for the children to discover the large number of people involved in cultural creation and empathize with the many trades of the people "creators of culture". Specifically, although more than half of the students (57%) do not know that so many people work in the cultural sector, a 94% said they knew it was "very important" to defend it.

For this reason, the workshop Defend our culture raises daily situations regarding our relationship with the contents that are analyzed with audiovisual presentations, didactic files and questions. At the end a small test is done to the students to contrast the use and the diploma is delivered "Workshop Defends our culture".

In relation to the interactive workshop that explains the consequences of content piracy for the development of culture, Carlota Navarrete, director of the Coalition, affirms that "we have always defended that promoting, with the appropriate pedagogy, a change in attitudes could be the best complement to adequate legislation and an effective application to eradicate the scourge of illegal downloads that has plagued the content industries for years and undermined its legal offer on the Internet. "

70% do not know the damage piracy does to our culture

Among the most important conclusions of the project, in a final report stands out, more than 82 percent of children declare listening to music, watching cartoons, etc, and on the other, the deep ignorance that exists among Primary students about how illicit access to the creators of cultural products and entertainment is affected, since more than 70 percent do not know the damage that piracy does to our culture.

It is striking that, on occasions, in addition to the students themselves, it has been the professors who state that they have also learned with the workshop about the importance of protecting the culture and the consequences of the illegal offer.

These results are in line with those of the last piracy observatory, prepared by the consulting firm Gfk, according to which more than 20 percent of respondents believe that when they access pirated content is not harming any industry, or considers that You can do it because it has no consequence.

A nod to the public authorities to deal with piracy

Due to the fact that since 2010 the Government has not campaigned against piracy in digital media, the Creators Coalition wants to send a clear message to citizens by the public authorities and the growing need for educational programs that help raise awareness about it.

The director of the Creators Coalition, Carlota Navarrete Barreiro, points out that "the success of this project makes us reflect on the great importance of the commitment to a clear message from the institutions, which in other subjects such as recycling or road safety has worked with excellent results, an effort to raise awareness among the public authorities and the sector throughout the entire educational cycle can bring great benefits in the habits of future generations.From today we want to assume the commitment to work with associations specialized and administration to turn the pilot experience into a project for the regeneration of values ​​about our culture and intellectual property in the digital field ".

After the success of this workshop as a pilot experience, the Coalition of Creators aims to develop this campaign nationwide and contribute to promoting respect for culture from the ethical and responsible use of the Internet.

Marina Berrio

Video: Pirates School Workshop @ Time & Tide Museum in Gt Yarmouth - Stories from the Sea

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