When a private teacher is necessary

In the stage of Primary Education it is time to establish the bases so that the children can be good students, according to their own abilities. When children fail to get good grades and need school reinforcement for specific learning problems or lack of base, it is necessary to have a private teacher.

To achieve good academic results, children need, on the one hand, to achieve a series of essential virtues or habits such as: order, perseverance, organization, strength, prioritize knowledge, etc. On the other hand, acquire the basic skills that allow them to take their studies further: reading comprehension, visual and auditory acuity, conceptual maps or study techniques.

Internal difficulties related to the study

Experts say that "the natural" in the child is wanting to learn and if you have difficulties we must find out what prevents it. Therefore, before a bad file we must go to a professional to do an in-depth study in order to rule out internal problems that the child can not save on its own.

Among these internal difficulties, the following will be valued:
- Visual factors related to reading.
- Filtering and auditory integration skills related to comprehension and expression.
- Manual dexterity and motor skills related to writing.
- Language and memory problems.

In the face of any of these difficulties, we may think that the child is scattered, lazy or nervous, how much he really has a real difficulty that prevents him from studying and only a professional is able to apply the specific exercises that solve it. This is also the case with motor, auditory, verbal, etc. factors.

When children need a private teacher

Once we have ruled out any internal difficulties, it is time to reflect on other external factors that prevent the child from developing logically because of their age. We refer to external difficulties as:

1. Do not know how to enhance all the skills you have when studying. When it is smaller, observation, memory and logical intelligence predominate, creating a learning based on "studying by heart" to pass. In this way, you can enter secondary school without knowing how to use other intellectual abilities such as analysis, synthesis, relationship, etc., which lead to a mature and internalized study of the contents, with which to face the difficulty of the subjects in higher stages without stress. .
2. Lack of reading habit. Excessive and uncontrolled use of new technologies, have a negative influence on the pre-reading or comprehension of a text, and then develop the diagrams and summaries, or answer appropriately to class exercises or exam questions . Likewise, this circumstance creates problems of spelling, grammar and vocabulary poverty.
3. Inability to concentrate and have a study plan. In some cases, the immaturity of this age, together with other agents such as mental dispersion due to excessive television, music, video games, etc., lack of will due to the absence of commissions or responsibilities at home and the lack of a planned schedule, They allow our son to spend "hours" in his room, but without effective performance.

Why it is important to hire a private teacher

The external help that we hire for the child should never consist of doing the homework with the child, because the only thing we will achieve is to make it less autonomous and more comfortable, since the teacher will supply the personal effort that each student has to make. You must help the concrete need, but not solve the problems of mathematics, make the schemes to facilitate the study or correct the duties to arrive with everything perfect to class. If we decide to hire external help we will have to do it according to the need of each case:

1. Overcome specific learning problems, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity, gifted or talented children or any of the internal difficulties exposed, it is convenient to be treated by qualified professionals.

2. When there is a lack of base, so that it helps the student to consolidate concepts from previous courses that he has not yet passed.

3. When pedagogical resources fail, to teach you study techniques or how to use them properly to get more performance at the time of study.

4. When the student lacks capacity In order to tackle a certain subject, we will need to reinforce theoretical and practical knowledge in order to overcome its difficulties.

What parents should do

- Have a positive attitude, valuing the effort more than the results
- Require each child separately, without comparisons
- Achieve autonomy in their studies, creating a work habit based on daily commissions, giving an example and a family environment conducive to study
- Encourage him to empower all his abilities using appropriate study strategies

What parents should not do

- Motivate the value of the study, with material rewards or punishments
- Be satisfied that the child studies by heart and approves
- Incurring educational contradictions, not promoting virtues such as order, strength, strength or control of the will, which are the basis of the habit of study
- Offer a utilitarian approach to learning based solely on making money in the future or being something in life.

Ana Aznar
Advisor: Paloma Martínez-Mediero. Head of Studies Alcora Center

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