Tricks to treat vomiting in children

The vomiting They are very unpleasant for both children and adults. In most cases they are due to viruses such as gastroenteritis and do not need specific treatments or that we worry, except when the pediatrician stipulates it for a specific reason. Even so, there are some tricks to treat vomiting or, at least, to take more into account while passing the virus.

Tomb your children if they have vomiting

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises to try keep our children lying down on the stomach or on the side as long as possible. As they explain, this will minimize the chances that our children can inhale the vomit if they throw it while they are asleep and are small.

Beware of dehydration after vomiting

One of the greatest dangers of vomiting is that our children get dehydrated, so if you continue to vomit, it is essential that you make sure that you do not become dehydrated, that is, Do not lose too much water, because it can become something serious.

To prevent our children from becoming dehydrated, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children drink enough fluids to "restore" what has been lost, that is: keep giving them to drink. This is especially important as our child becomes smaller.

You have to be careful with the liquid because it will be normal for your child to be thirsty after vomiting, but If you drink a lot, it will also be normal for you to vomit again, so you have to give it in small quantities, and better if you have sugars (like juices, water or milk).

Now, if the vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea, the best thing to do this time is to give it oral rehydration solutions that are sold in pharmacies.

Change your children's diet if they have vomiting

For the first 24 hours of any illness that causes vomiting, it is important that our children eat, but we must not force them either. Encourage him to take Solid food (preferably, that they are soft, like cooked rice, and never with a lot of fat or sugar) and that drink water in small quantities.

When he recovers he will be able to eat normally again, and he will ask you to: if he regains his appetite, it is likely to be a sign that things are going well and there is little left for the virus, but better to keep the bland diet.

When to go to the pediatrician?

As we have said, vomiting does not have to be worrying, but there are cases in which it is best to go to the pediatrician, especially if you want to give medicines to your child: never medicate without the doctor telling you. Therefore, see the pediatrician when your child can not retain liquids or solids in any way (vomits continuously, for example) or if you notice that the symptoms worsen, especially if it is small.

Angela R. Bonachera

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