They request to withdraw the WIFI of the schools

After the installation of the WIFI network in most of the schools, now the Living Healthy Foundation has requested Remove WIFI from schools and that it be replaced by another technology "that does not involve the unnecessary exposure of children to potentially harmful electromagnetic fields".

And is that as they warn from the Healthy Living Foundation, "still many parents, teachers and authorities are not aware of the scientific evidence that says that mobile and wireless technologies pose a risk to health".

The specific risks of the early, indiscriminate and prolonged use of smartphones and other devices that emit microwaves have been proven by different studies and from the Vivo Sano Foundation it is insisted that "we must not forget that the smallest are more vulnerable to this type of toxic of a physical nature since his brain is in formation and his systems have not yet developed. "

Measures to replace the WIFI network

To replace the Wi-Fi network of schools with another technology free of potentially harmful electromagnetic fields, the Vivo Sano Foundation aims to avoid a blackout and advocate for a rational use of technology, which implies safe and healthy Internet access.
To justify its request, this body is supported by resolution 1815 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which dictates, among others, the following recommendations: "Adopt all reasonable measures to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, especially the radiofrequencies emitted by mobile telephones and, especially, the exposure of children and young people, who apparently have a higher risk of suffering tumors in the head ".

To the tail of France

In Europe, the first precedent in this regard was played by France, when in the vote of March 19, 2013, an amendment was voted on to remove the WIFI from the schools and replace it with cable connection in the French National Assembly. From the Vivo Sano Foundation explain that "this amendment aims to put pressure on state and local authorities to protect children, especially the youngest ones, from the harmful influence of electromagnetic waves in the name of the precautionary principle".

Advice for rational use of the WIFI network

From Fundación Vivo Sano, insists on making a more rational use of technology while children use it for play and learning.

1. Download previously. It consists of downloading the applications (videos, documents, applications ...) in the absence of the child, and then deactivating the WIFI mode before delivering the device to the child.
2. Distance to the device. Prevent the child from being "stuck" to the tablet. A support table is a good option.
3. Reduce the time of use and limit it according to the age of the child.

María Espín

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