Plans with children for the Christmas holidays

Christmas is the sweetest time of the year and special for all children and their families. We have three weeks ahead of school holidays, days to fill with positive messages and plans with children for the Christmas holidays, despite the cold. With children it is important that ideas do not end because they will want to have new and different plans every day.

Leisure plans for the Christmas holidays

Luckily, in all cities there is a wide range of proposals both municipal and private.

- Christmas lights. Some cities make buses available to citizens so that children can feel beside the lights, the first sign that Christmas is falling.

- Street markets: Christmas products, sweets and decoration are the great proposals of these Christmas markets from which families often leave transformed into goblins, elves and other Christmas characters with hats that are sold in these outdoor stores. Many of the offers are handmade, which makes the markets even more special.

- Concerts: Christmas themes and choirs singing Christmas carols are the main protagonists of music in this era.

- Theater: Christmas stories multiply in theaters. Many of them, in addition, are counted in English and are usually works with messages that convey values ​​of solidarity.

- Solidarity proposals: the toy collections and the markets are the most famous in this era. It is a good time for children to internalize that, in fact, things can be done for others on a day-to-day basis. Many NGOs work for the needy in a special way during this time.

- Horseback riding: You can be of the Magi or of Santa Claus, but the traditional cavalcade is an attraction for everyone. Both the generals of the big cities and those of the neighborhoods (usually less crowded and more pleasant to see) have the most colorful street shows and floats that leave no one indifferent.

- Let's see nativity scenes: In Spain this tradition can not be absent, both for Catholics and non-Catholics. The creativity of some cribs and the beauty of the decorations make them true works of art that dazzle children. Attention to queues in days close to December 25.

- Proposals in cultural centers: all municipalities usually organize a battery of proposals in their centers. From theater to exhibitions through deliveries of letters to the pages of the Magi or Santa Claus.

- Malls: They usually organize visits of Their Majesties the Magi and Santa Claus, as well as face painting, balloon twisting, storytelling, etc.

- Careers: In some cities, sports activities with massive participation are also organized, which usually have a children's version.

- Roasted chestnuts and chocolate: two great classics to warm up at this time and accompany any of the previous proposals. The first, to eat on the street while we warm our hands, the second, to sit quietly tasting a delicious chocolate with churros or some candy.

- At home: the activities that can not be missing at home are, without doubt, the decoration and the creation of a new Christmas ornament made by children. Cook cookies or collaborate with the family in the preparation of special meals are great plans that can not be missing in any house.

- The countdown to 25: Many families use the traditional advent calendars that hide a chocolate bar under each day, others prefer to create them from scratch and leave pretty messages saying something nice about the other members of the family. What is certain is that these calendars help the little ones get used to the idea of ​​how long the wait will be until the big day.

Diana Martín, director ofMom has a plan


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