MBA, 5 reasons to do it and where to study it

The MBA Master of Business Administration Master's in Business Administration aims to train highly qualified professionals in the area of ​​the company. Within this program there are variations in terms of its duration, content and method. For that reason, it is necessary to know the reasons why studying an MBA and the existing offer.

5 reasons why to study an MBA

1. Renew your tools and deepen in the area of ​​business.
2. Increase your credibility with bosses, coworkers and clients.
3. Expand your network of contacts and increase your chances of finding work.
4.  It allows you a greater specialization and greater personal development.
5.  It improves the perspectives of your career and allows you a greater specialization.

Where to study an MBA

1. IESE Business School
Modalities: MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA.

- English language.
- Location: Barcelona.
- Mobility: In the second year, students can complete part of the program at the New York campus, at the ISE campus in São Paulo or at the CEIBS campus in Shanghai.
- Duration: 2 years.
- Admission requirements: 5 years of work experience.
- Price: 75,400 euros.

Executive MBA
- Language: bilingual, taught in Spanish and English.
- Location: Madrid, Barcelona and São Paulo.
- Duration: 19 months, weekly format in Barcelona and Madrid or fortnightly format in Madrid and São Paulo. Both include intensive and international weeks.
- Admission requirements: 7 years of work experience.
- Price: 66.5000 euros.

Global Executive MBA
- English language.
- Location: New York, Barcelona, ​​Shanghai, São Paulo and Silicon Valley.
- Admission requirements: 12 years of work experience.

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2. ESADE Business School
Modalities: Multinational MBA and Executive MBA

Multinational MBA
- Mobility: one intensive week every two months in five cities -Miami, Santiago de Chile, Sillicon Valley, Barcelona and Shanghai-.
- Admission requirements: entrepreneurs and managers with at least eight years of experience (four in senior management) with an average level of English.

Executive MBA
- Mobility: completion of several subjects on international school campuses, for stays of one week.
- Duration, three formats: weekly, biweekly or modular. After the program, an additional four-month period is offered with a wide range of electives that allow the program to specialize.

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3. IE Business School
Modalities: International MBA, Global MBA, Global Executive MBA, IE-Brown Executive MBA, Executive MBA.

International MBA
-  Languages: Spanish, English or bilingual
- Location: Madrid
- Duration: 11-13 months, full time
- Average experience: 5 years.
- Price: 59.9000 euros

Global MBA
- English language.
- Duration: 15 months, online and face-to-face combination.
- Average experience: 6 years.
- Price: 43,200 euros.

Global Executive MBA
- English language.
- Duration: 13 months, online and face-to-face combination.
- Average experience: 14 years.
- Price. 72,200 euros.

IE-Brown Executive MBA 
- English language.
- Duration: 15 months, online and face-to-face combination.
- Double degree from IE Business School and Brown University.
- Price: 84,185 euros.

Executive MBA
- Spanish Language.
- Duration: 10-13 months, face-to-face or online and face-to-face combination.
- Average experience: 7.5 years.
- Price. 45,200 euros.

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4. Carlos III University
Modalities: Full-time MBA.

- Language: classes taught in English
- Areas: organization, finance, marketing and accounting.
- Methodology: practical methodology, use of the case method, teamwork, small groups and job hunting service.
- Certification: exclusive accreditation by the Association of MBA (AMBA).
- Location: Madrid.
- Admission requirements: the student must accredit a minimum of three years of professional experience.
- Price: 12,000 euros.

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5. ESERP School of Business and Social Sciences
Modalities: MBA and International MBA in full time and part version.

- Language: only one language (English or Spanish) or bilingual.
- Areas, specialties: Finance, Human Resources, International Relations, Communication, Tourism Companies, Sports Companies, Banking, Stock Exchange and Finance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Advertising Strategy.
- Obligation of final work: Business Plan, apply scientific, professional and academic research and presentation before a court.
- Location: Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.
- Certification: Title of MBA of the URJC and Camilo José Cela and Master in International Relations and Opening of New Markets and Communication Strategy of the European Communication School of France.
- Admission requirements: university degree or demonstrate a professional experience of at least three years.
- Price: 11,920 euros.

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Patricia Núñez de Arenas

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