Stop the Christmas excesses

The dinners around the table have a great role during the Christmas holidays. However, these can turn into a nightmare if we do not measure ourselves at mealtime. If this Christmas you want to say Stop the Christmas excesses, the key is to control indigestion, a transient disorder that occurs suddenly when we do not moderate the intake of alcohol and food.

Christmas family menus are usually plentiful. To start, we have the starters, then continue with a second main dish (meat or fish with vegetables, potatoes, etc.), watered with wines and other alcoholic beverages and to all this we must add the desserts. As if that were not enough, as a final touch of Christmas we have nougat, marzipan and all kinds of sweets. In short, they are very heavy meals before which we have to take care.

The difficult digestions of the Christmas holidays

The proteins, fats and toxins that these foods contain present a problem for the body at the time of carrying out the digestion, since it is unable to assimilate its high content. This is where the first symptoms of indigestion, what are the nausea, stomach pain, swelling, pain and gas. Because of these excesses, many people see these dates as a happy and fun celebration becomes a period of discomfort.

Indigestion is also known by the name of dyspepsia, and is a transient disorder that occurs suddenly during the process of digestion and that may be caused by different factors. Due to its transitory and punctual nature, it does not show seriousness and in a short time the problem disappears. However, there are people who may suffer indigestion in a chronic way. But what is the cause of this disorder? The main "culprits" are the acids and enzymes that are responsible for carrying out the digestion process. They are very powerful and their excess production causes lesions in the membranes of the stomach, leading to pain and discomfort.

Tips to prevent indigestion at Christmas

- Eat in a controlled manner and little by little. The experts recommend that you try to eat everything, but in small quantities also this Christmas.
- Avoid going to bed shortly after having eaten, since digestion at night is slower and can produce acidity. For this reason, a period of between two or three hours between dinner and bedtime should be allowed to elapse.
- Substitute coffee after eating for infusions. Poleo, chamomile, anise or mint are very digestive.
- Make a light lunch, if you know that at night you are going to commit some excess or an abundant dinner awaits you.

It should also be noted that liqueurs can complicate the digestion process, so it is advisable not to abuse them and thus avoid any stomach upset.

Watch alcohol consumption during Christmas celebrations

During these dinners and Christmas meals, the foods share protagonism with alcohol. The beers are present in the appetizers, while the later meals are accompanied with wine, liquors and cavas. We all know the risks we run if the ethyl consumption is excessive. Its effects can be several, such as inflammation of the pancreas and headaches to liver and gastric disorders. Therefore, the advisable to not be affected by the drink would be to not pass two glasses of wine and one of cava in each meal.

High-alcohol drinks (vodka, rum) contain an amount of ethanol that damages the walls of the stomach and leads to severe pain. To be able to leave "safe and sound", it is enough that we moderate in its intake and also accompany it with food. In this way, alcohol will take longer to reach the blood and will hardly affect us, since foods with many calories and fats make the absorption of it much slower.

Finally, do not forget that alcohol is contraindicated in people with chronic diseases of the liver, nervous system and pancreas, and also in all those who are taking medications; For this, it is advisable to read the leaflet or consult a pharmacist. And do not forget that if we are going to take the car, it is better to refrain from having a few drinks. Following these guidelines of healthy habits, we will achieve that the Christmas holidays are developed in that climate of joy and peace that they should have.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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