How to become a leader

In today's society, there are many situations that require people willing to decide, to set guidelines and to commit to some objectives. Definitely, leaders are needed. Society also needs people who want to work with constancy and know how to lead others to achieve the proposed objectives. But, How to become a leader?, Is a leader born or made?

Now you can become a leader authentic through proper training and good self-discipline. There are always people who seem to conquer people because of their sympathy, their great ideas or the conviction with which they speak. Many times, this charisma is something innate that some people have; other times it is the result of constant work to become leaders. What is clear is that if a person wants to take an active part in the school, the university, in some association or to reach positions of more responsibility in a future job, one must have certain leadership skills.

Before being a leader: self-examination

Before deluding yourself with the idea of ​​becoming someone influential, you have to stop and think about yourself. Pretend to be a leader When your knees tremble every time you speak in public is utopian. It is true that with patience and training you can overcome shyness: what you have to see is whether, in each of the cases, it is possible to achieve it and if there is a disposition to that self-discipline.

Also, without dissecting them (because these two activities do not occur in a pure state) we have to see what kind of activities attract us most: those oriented towards things or towards people. Draw, write, walk, think, are more or less solitary jobs that belong to the first group. However, chatting, being with friends, going to crowded places, giving opinions, relationship work belong to a second group.

Traits that a leader must gather

- Have personality. If we wanted to summarize in a word what that leadership capacity consists of, we would have to talk about personality. It is an indefinable concept that contains many nuances. Personality means self-esteem, having clear ideas, knowing how to communicate, stability of feelings.

- Keep the word given. Lies do not fit. If a group of people has placed their trust in that person, you can not play with them. A true leader knows how to commit himself to what is necessary and keep his promises.

- Say no to the folds. If it is always fundamental to behave without hypocrisy, when one has (or wants to have) a certain influence in a group of people, it can not have two different faces: saying one thing and then, when in another environment, behaving in a different way.

- Be a trustworthy person. The important thing is to get that when a person asks something of a leader, they can forget about it because they know that if there is someone who can take it forward, it is that person who has assumed responsibility.

- Betting on the lawful. There are many means to achieve objectives, but not all are lawful. Although the end is good, each and every one of the means must also be good.

Objectives of a successful leadership team

1. Clarify the proposed objectives, making them reach everyone.

2. Clarify the means and mode to achieve those goals.

3. Motivate people in a positive sense.

4. Listen to the suggestions from other persons.

5. Keep everyone informed and aware of the progress.

6. Solve the problems in a positive way

7. Make others also participate in the recognition for a job well done.

Ignacio Iturbe
Adviser: Luis Vida. Family counselor

Video: Dr. Myles Munroe - HOW TO BECOME A LEADER Break away from your struggling mindset. POWERFUL

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