12 tricks to go out to eat with children

Go out to eat with children Small to a restaurant is always a headache for parents, especially for first-time children and very young children. We always ask ourselves how the children will react, what they can eat and if they will feel comfortable or want to get up right away from the table.

An added drawback may be to go with a baby in your cart, or that our child is allergic to a food such as gluten, but there is a solution for everything.

Success tricks for eating with children in a restaurant

To go out to eat with children and not die in the attempt, it is necessary to take it with something more calm, that is, not to rush and go anywhere, but to the establishment or restaurant that best suits our conditions. In this sense, obtaining prior information about the place is highly recommended. If the restaurant is far away and the children are already tired, they will start with little desire to be patient. Consider the location and how to get to the site.

1. Take a look at the restaurant's website often gives a lot of clues about whether the place is family-friendly or the opposite. If you have doubts, as it is likely to happen, after viewing the web, do not hesitate to call and ask. Most restaurants and cafes are happy to respond to their customers.

2. If you go with babies, try that the dining room is not in an accessible upper floor. The stairs of a restaurant are usually very crowded with customers and waiters and, although you can upload the cart, it will not be easy if there is a lot of human trafficking.

3. If you carry a baby cart, It is highly recommended that the tables are at a reasonable distance. There are nice places that stop being if there is a cart blocking the way. Parents often feel more uncomfortable with this than the rest of the customers. It will be in your own benefit.

4. Know in advance what are the basic services of the restaurant for families with babies, if you go with a small child: ask if they have problems in warm jars or baby bottles and if they have a changing table in the bathroom and high chairs for the baby to eat more comfortable. The little ones love to see the adults at their same height. If they have to eat on top of mom or dad and then sit in their car seat watching only the feet of the table, they probably do not enjoy too much of the food, unless they fall asleep.

5. Ask if they have any entertainment for older children: Paint to paint while waiting to be taken care of and play area, for example. Some restaurants even have monitors for children to play during adults' after-dinner. If it seems a good option, ask for dates and times. Not all establishments have this service outside the weekend.

6. A great ally: the children's menu. Make sure you have it or not, and if not, if you can, take a look at the letter to confirm that your child will be comfortable with the options.

7. Do not skip routines for being in a restaurant: Encourage children to wash their hands before eating and, as they can, to choose their own food. On the other hand, knowing where the toilet is will surely make them feel more comfortable in a new space.

8. It is advisable to reserve a table to avoid unnecessary waits and rides.

9. Calculate the food by duration and according to the needs of the children more than basing you on your appetite. When you see the letter, everything looks great, but first think about how long it will take to serve and how many dishes. Depending on the age of the children, they may become impatient after waiting for the waiter, the drink, the starters and the first course. If you have the second course and dessert left, you will be the most impatient then. Lengthen the food whatever you think the child will be able to handle. Never more.

10. If you can, arrive before most of the diners do, especially if you go without reservation. This way you will avoid waiting, excess movement and the children will be calmer. If, in addition, they are restless, you can not worry a little about the famous "you are bothering the next table". Although again, if the child is behaving in an "inadequate" way, surely it will make parents more uncomfortable than the rest of the diners.

11. The child will never learn to behave in a restaurant if he does not go to them. You have to start at home and continue with the practice. Assume that you will have to correct them several times and that many times they will behave in a way that you do not like, but the best way to learn is to practice on the spot.

12. Children must be taught manners, Yes, definitely. But do not think only about that or that they do not bother others.Do not forget to enjoy the food, even if there are times of shouting, arguments between brothers and even some tears. You are sharing a moment with your children and seeing them enjoy it will make them appreciate it more.

Diana Martín Director of Mama has a plan

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